2018 Interior Design & Office Trends to Incorporate into Your Fitout

Businesses and brands always need to adapt and reinvent themselves to satisfy a consumers’ need for newness, and one of the best ways to do this is to give your workplace a makeover. If you’re not sure where to start, try embracing some of these new interior design trends for 2018. Not only will your customers appreciate the new look, but your employees are bound to appreciate it too, and feel proud to work in a place that’s well and truly on the level with the latest trends.


Interior Design Trends

On Trend Colours

2017 was a year that focused on more muted tones and desaturated colours so in 2018 we can expect more bright colours to enter our workspaces. The colour picks for this year (chosen by The New Daily) are referred to as ‘Miami brights’. These colours are gentle and lulling such as mint or light, musky pink.

Looking for something more vibrant? If you’re a new business in need of a modern brand colour or an existing firm looking for a new colour to add to your interiors, Ultra Violet may be your optimal choice. This has been picked as the colour of the year in 2018, so we can expect to see more of it as the year progresses.

Oversize Wallpapers

Wallpaper has slowly made it’s return to our interiors over the last few years, and this year we can see this trend extended further with a focus on wallpaper featuring oversized florals and patterns. The larger the design, the greater impact it has in the space.

Although this is a trend more commonly seen in homes, there’s no reason why this trend can’t be introduced into your office. In fact, we incorporate wallpaper into the offices of many of our clients with outstanding results. Take a look at our How Ford & Boxer and Australian Finance Group fitout portfolios to see some real-world examples for yourself.

Unique Door Handles

Most offices opt for standard stainless-steel handles for all their doors, but more varied options are available now than ever before – giving your office a unique way to stand out and show off your personality.

Although this isn’t an obvious choice when making a big statement in your office, it’s one that’s guaranteed to be noticed as people actively use door handles every day. Door handles can add character and personality to any standard office door. They can either be purely decorative or incorporate an element or colour that perfectly reflects your brand image.

Office Trends

AI, AR & VR in the Workplace

There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will change the way we work and the way we interact with each other. AI will also likely lead to various tasks becoming automated, resulting in new tasks and responsibilities being created in the workplace. This, in turn, will cause the whole workplace experience to change.

With AI already exceeding many of our expectations in all its forms, there’s no doubt that this new technology will become the best workplace assistant in 2018 and beyond. From smart buildings and the internet of things to chatbots and robots that can carry out small tasks, the workplace itself will need to be adapted to make way for this change.

Similarly, augmented reality and virtual reality devices are also being adapted to certain workplaces and industries – creating new ways to work. We may even see dedicated spaces in offices for these activities in the future.

Facilitate Corporate Learning

Having highly skilled and knowledgeable staff is a valuable commodity. Help your staff grow their knowledge base which can then be utilised to improve your business by facilitating corporate learning in your workplace. In 2018 we are likely to see more organisations incorporate dedicated spaces in their offices for training and learning.

By making learning a key part of your business and how it functions, the relationship between worker and workplace is likely to improve as employees see your business as more than a place where they work and earn money. It’s also an educational and socially minded place where self-development thrives, and long-term satisfaction is gained. When a workplace delivers on these areas, it very quickly becomes a place employees want to be.

There’s plenty of evidence showing that dedicated learning spaces help to create some of the worlds top workplaces such as apple and google just to name a few. The ultimate trifecta of education, recreation and innovation can help a business thrive!

Flexible Spaces

Along with professional requirements, personal and social needs are also increasingly met in the workplace. Keeping up with the quickening pace of incremental changes required for a workplace to function is getting harder, so in 2018 another key focus is adopting spaces that are flexible, universal and dynamic.

To get the flexibility you’re after; workplaces will increasingly steer clear of private offices and instead opt for a more open plan that can then be divided up and reassembled into different seating arrangements on a whim.

To achieve the flexible space you desire, you need to devise a space strategy. At Future Fitouts, our project managers are experts at doing this and ensuring you get the most out of your space.


Design an Office That Suits Your Business

Whether it be a functional change or a decorative one, 2018 could be the year to make real and positive changes to your workplace. Your business deserves a functional, attractive and practical space and you need a project manager with the experience and skills to deliver an excellent result. At Future Fitouts you’ll find exactly that.

So, if you need help pulling off the right look for your space, give our team at Future Fitouts a call on 1300 368 461.