4 Epic Office Reception Area Ideas

4 Epic Office Reception Area Ideas

Does your reception area make your clients feel comfortable and welcome? Because the reception area is the very first room in your office that a client will see, you want to make sure the space delivers the very best first impression.

Reception areas come in all shapes, sizes and styles depending on the type of business and the brand image. At Future Fitouts, we just love to complete reception area makeovers for businesses across Brisbane, and we’d love to show off what we can do for you. Here are a few reception areas we’ve completed to give you some inspiration for your own reception transformation.

1.   Mercedes-Benz


The best or nothing. That’s the slogan for the iconic car company Mercedes-Benz, so we knew they’d expect nothing less than the best for their reception fitout. This reception area is broken up into two key spaces – the reception desk and the waiting area.

The reception desk area is designed for high impact, creating a powerful and high-end presence when customers first walk through the door. The lighting over the reception desk perfectly and deliberately enhances the sparkle and shine of the silver Mercedes logo which is the centrepiece of the space.

Customers are treated to a self-serve coffee station paired with a simple yet sleek seating area, with small coffee tables surrounded by comfortable chairs.

Dark wood has been used throughout for the reception desk, coffee tables and cabinets, with charcoal grey/blue walls and black seating to bring the whole look together and create a sophisticated and authoritative look in the space.

Take Away: Combining dark colours with dark wood can create a powerful and sophisticated look.

Mercedes Dark Office Reception Area Mercedes-Dark-Office-Reception-Area-3-1-1

2. Nova Systems


For a company that delivers complex projects and solves technologically challenging problems for their clients, Nova Systems was bound to want standout design features for their office interiors.

This unique reception area combines a reception desk and a comfortable sofa into the one wooden piece that fits beautifully with the polished wood floors and high ceilings.

This one-of-a-kind reception desk design was the ideal way to make the most of this long and narrow space. And the design is further enhanced with simple decorative pieces that are warm and welcoming including cushions, reading materials and a potted plant.

Take Away: A space of any shape or size can be transformed into a functional reception area with a bit of creative design.

Nova Systems Modern Reception Area Nova-Systems-Modern-Reception-Area-2-1-1

3.   @Workspaces


Surrounded by elevator doors, the reception desk sits proudly in the centre of this space with a comfortable seating area neatly tucked away next to it. The wood panelling along the ceiling and walls adds a unique element to the room while also enhancing the reception desk as the focus of the room. The space is further brightened up with potted plants placed around the room and on the reception bench.

The light blue seating and stacked centre tables are standout design pieces that draw the eye, and when paired with the colour and texture of the surrounding light wood and the indoor plants, a calming and tranquil sitting space is created.

Take Away: Combine light, bright colours with natural elements to create a calming and tranquil environment for your reception area.

AtWorkspaces-Reception-Area-Brisbane-2-2-1 AtWorkspaces-Reception-Area-Brisbane-3-1-1

4.   Howe Ford & Boxer

Howe Ford & Boxer very consciously wanted to create an ambient and comfortable space with some flair for their customers by including a water cooler, TV and indoor plants to enjoy. The single pendulum light and pretty coffee table vases also add a touch of character and charm to the room.

By adding decorative elements such as plants, light and ornaments, this reception area is instantly elevated from a dull office to a welcoming space.

Take Away: Adding simple decorative elements can turn an ordinary reception area into a beautiful space!

Howe-Ford-Boxer-Office-Reception-2-1-1 Howe-Ford-Boxer-Office-Reception-1-1-1

Create a New Reception Area for Your Business

It really is possible to create a reception area that says something about your business while also being practical, functional and eye-catching! With these real-life reception area inspirations, we hope you have a better idea of how to achieve the look you’re after. And if you ever need help with office fitouts and interior design for you reception area, give our team at Future Fitouts a call on 1300 368 461.