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5 Affordable Office Design Tips

Do you work in an office that desperately needs an injection of vibrancy and colour? Achieving a standout office doesn’t have to cost the world. A little bit can really go a long way. With these affordable office design & decorating ideas, your business will look fabulous without breaking the budget!

Our 5 Favourite Affordable Office Design & Decorating Ideas

1.   Artwork

There’s no need to buy an expensive piece of art from a well-known artist to get the look you desire in your office. Sometimes simple and cheap pieces of art can look just as outstanding. If you’re feeling a little creative, you could even create your own canvas of art and paint it yourself.

Another great option suggested by Inc is to find an eye-catching digital photo with a Creative Commons license and hang it up in a frame. If you have some digital design skills, you could even crop or add custom effects to the image or find a motivational quote or poem to add to the picture. Check out The Big Reveal Blog to find more cheap and creative wall art ideas you could incorporate into your office.

2.   Second-Hand Furniture

Why not give a second-hand piece of furniture a new home? Try trawling websites such as Gumtree and The Trading Post to find pre-loved gems. You could find a great bargain on office desks, chairs, shelving, filing cabinets and even office décor.

If you find an edgy piece that is a little worse for wear, consider refurbishing it yourself! This could be anything from a large desk that can be converted into a boardroom table, office chairs that can be fitted with new upholstery or a retro wooden coffee table that can be varnished and polished to look like new.

3.    Plants

Got bare spaces and corners around your office? Why not fill them with some plants? Plants are a great option for affordable office design and with so many types of indoor plants available, bringing a little bit of the outdoors indoors with Chinese Evergreens, Dracaenas or Calatheas has never been easier!

Alternatively, fake plants can do the same job but with no maintenance needed. Along with adding some much-needed life and greenery, a little bit of nature in the office has also been shown to boost creativity.

Photo of an office makeover

4.   Vibrant Textiles

You may be surprised to see how fancy your office can look by simply adding some colourful textiles. Making use of colour and textiles can’t be underestimated – it’s an affordable way to add more vibrancy to your space.

Consider adding an ornamental rug under the boardroom table, throwing some decorative pillows on the couch in your reception area or break-out room, or hanging curtains with a unique design. When picking colours for your textiles, consider our guide to choosing the best colours for office interiors first to make sure you instil the right mood and encourage productivity in your office.

5.    Stationery and Office Supplies

Don’t settle for standard stationery and office supplies. Bring some flair to the office cubicles by adding mousepads with fun and unique designs, pen holders that feature your branding colours or notepads with some personality.

You could also add some stylish desk calendars, upgrade your office supplies to reflect a particular look whether it be rustic or a specific colour theme, or you could find decorative storage bins and baskets to hold all your new stationery items and supplies.

There are many great stationery shops that sell gorgeous designer stationery sets such as Kikki.K and NoteMaker, you can head online to websites such as Snap or Vista Print to customise your own office stationery or you could try your hand at creating DIY notepads or cubicle decorations yourself.

Bring Your Office to Life

If you have caught the interior design bug after exploring these affordable office design decorative options and you want to expand on this interior design inspiration even more, speak with our office design Brisbane team at Future Fitouts! We can expand on the look you have started developing for your office and improve your space even more with our full range of office fitout services.

Get started today by calling us on 1300 368 461 or get in touch with us online and we will be more than happy to discuss more affordable office design ideas with you.

Updated 18/03/2021