Underground office space | Featured Image for 5 of the world's most interesting office spaces.

5 of the World’s Most Interesting Office Spaces

Gone are the days where office spaces are relegated to boring, uninspiring cubicles. Now, there’s been a huge upswing in creating collaborative and engaging workspaces that people want to work in. And given that people spend roughly one third of their adult life at work, it stands to reason why care and attention should be paid when creating an office fitout. We thought we’d take a look at some of the most interesting office spaces around the world that feature ground-breaking architectural design, high concept interiors and clever installations to help inspire you with your next office fitout.

5 of The World’s Most Interesting Office Spaces

1.Bahnhof, Stockholm, Sweden


If you were to think of an evil underground lair situated in the mountains, it’s very likely you’ve conjured an image similar to the Bahnhof Office in Stockholm, Sweden. Owned by a Swedish internet company, this former nuclear shelter has been converted to an office that looks straight out of a Bond movie. This fitout would have been especially challenging for an architect, as it has to balance booth artifice and nature to create a cool, calming atmosphere that people can work in. You’ll find plenty of earthy elements dispersed throughout the design, including rock shelters, heavy greenery and a huge saltwater fish tank.

2. Google, Zurich, Switzerland


We can’t write an article about ‘interesting office spaces around the world’ without the company that started it all – Google. Renowned for its ground-breaking office design, Google’s Zurich office is exceptionally over the top. Cofounder of Google, Larry Page, has always firmly believed that a comfortable workspace is conducive to productivity, and Google office spaces reflect that philosophy. Located a few minutes away from Lake Zurich, this office features different themed meeting spaces, a massage parlour and sleeping nooks where tired employees can retreat for a quick nap. And the best bit? Google even has a canteen manned by professional pastry chefs and confectioners where employees can eat free of change.

3. Coca Cola London


Located above an unused railway station, the Coca Cola office space is a stunning 1920s decorated in vintage memorabilia. What sets this office apart is the close collaboration with artists to create a dynamic workspace that encourages innovative thinking without forgetting about the company’s roots. Set over four floors, Coco Cola London covers 66,000 square feet and features 21 meeting rooms, a roof terrace, café, meeting rooms, multiple cafeteria’s, and an open plan office space.

4. Selgas Cano, Madrid, Spain


If you google ‘most interesting office spaces around the world’, there’s one that never fails to make the list – the Selgas Cano office in Madrid, Spain. Designed by Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano, this beautiful office space makes the most of its location by incorporating the natural world into the space.  The office is located in the middle of rain forest, which the designers have taken full advantage of with large, curved windows in the roof of the building. Constructed as a ‘sunken design’, half the office is built into the ground to ensure the space keeps cool during the hot Spanish summer.  This stunning hybrid office is engineered to not only look amazing, but keep people’s needs in mind as well.

5. Comvert, Italy


When Italian skate and snow clothing company Comvert came across an old abandoned movie cinema, they knew exactly what they had to do with it – convert it into an office space, warehouse, and indoor skate bowl. Comvert allegedly collected data from employees before a new space was locked in to get a clear idea of the most desirable workspace. They then worked with architects and designers to create a unique workspace that best reflected the desires of employees and encourages open collaboration and sharing of creative ideas.  

Time for a new office space fitout?

While most of us don’t have a few thousand square foot of office space to work with, there are plenty of design elements that can be applied anywhere. If your office fitout is looking a little tired, and you’re on the hunt for a new fitout that will breathe some life into your space, contact our office space planning experts at Future Fitouts today. You can enquire online or call us on 1300 368 461 to have a chat with one of our friendly team members today.