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Biophilic Office Design

Biophilic office design may sound like an unfamiliar term, but you have likely encountered biophilic design in offices you have visited or seen before. Biophilia is thought of as the intrinsic and genetically fixed fondness human beings have for nature and the natural world. It is expressed through our joy in seeing the variety of colours in landscapes or our appreciation of the patterns found in living things. Biophilic office design merges our attraction to nature with office space to create healthier positive environments.

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History of Biophilic Design

Replenishing our wellbeing by interacting with nature has been connected to urban life for centuries. Animal shapes found on porcelain bowls from ancient China, England’s passion for seaside resorts, and bonsai gardens in Japan are all examples of cultures fusing the natural world with public and private lives.

The concept of biophilia was coined in the 1960s and popularized in the 1980s. Biophilic design in offices was linked to improvements in productivity and health during the 1990s. These improvements helped businesses retain more employees which in turn helped create more profits. The last two decades have seen biophilia move from a hypothesis sporadically applied to workspaces into a popular design concept frequently used to lower stress, improve mental health, and connect with nature.

Principles and Concepts

The core idea of biophilic office design is simple, bring the outdoors into the workplace. The complexity lies in merging standard concepts with office spaces to create an area that your team will truly enjoy working in.


Having access to natural light is a vital necessity for any work environment. It helps provide vitamin D, improves sleep, and can delay the occurrence of seasonal depression. Natural lighting can be encompassed into an office through the use of skylights, reflective materials, clerestories, and atriums.


Studies have demonstrated cognition can improve in areas containing excellent ventilation and low levels of carbon dioxide. Airflow impacts temperature and humidity which can affect the productivity and health of your team. When the outdoor air is of good quality, simply opening a window can bring about a refreshing feeling. Maximising your windows effectiveness, superior ventilation, and a creative office layout can lead to ideal airflow.

Natural Textures

Incorporating biophilic design in offices can be achieved by using the natural features and textures found in materials like wood and marble. They establish a sense of the outdoors while creating a pleasant indoor environment.


The impression a colour scheme gives to your team has repercussions for their wellbeing. Brighter colours can improve feelings of happiness and create a vivid environment. Green, yellow, or blue are particularly effective.

Outdoor Spaces

Take advantage of the outdoor spaces available to your organisation. Provide comfortable tables and chairs so your team can work outside if they choose. This gives them access to natural light and fresh air that can boost their creativity, wellbeing, and productivity.


Utilising plants in your office space is a straightforward idea that can be applied to any workspace. They help increase oxygen levels, improve focus, and lower mental fatigue.

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