Office Design Hacks to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Happiness and motivation. They are two things every employer should want to flourish within their workplaces, because when they do, great things come from them for their business. So, consider this. Does your workplace make you feel happy and motivated? It’s vitally important that the space you work and live in day to day is comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable in your space, then your [...]

The Pros and Cons of Commercial Property Investment

When people think about investing in property, residential real estate is often what comes to mind. But commercial property investment is always worth considering, whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, create an alternative avenue of cash flow or simply want to take advantage of the benefits of this type of asset. Below we outline some of the key considerations when investing in [...]

How Your Workplace Can Be Designed to Encourage Communication

Have you ever considered how communication impacts the efficiency, operation and success of your business? Creating an environment where your staff can communicate freely is a bigger deal than you think. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, a number of tech companies are actually encouraging workers to interact with their colleagues more and spend less time in front of their screens.

2018 Interior Design & Office Trends to Incorporate into Your Fitout

Businesses and brands always need to adapt and reinvent themselves to satisfy a consumers’ need for newness, and one of the best ways to do this is to give your workplace a makeover. If you’re not sure where to start, try embracing some of these new interior design trends for 2018. Not only will your customers appreciate the new look, but your employees are bound to appreciate it too, and feel [...]

Organized Coffee Breaks: A Science-Backed Idea to Boost Productivity

Productivity is a major concern for managers across the world right now, and this concern has undoubtedly been heightened by the general loss of the old-fashioned 9-to-5, cubicle-based working environment. Many employees no longer have (and no longer want) the same sort of rigid structure that we used to have, and today employees fully expect a little bit of flexibility in their working patterns. [...]

Epic Fitout Ideas for Your Medical Clinic

When most people think of a medical clinic, they often picture a place that’s sterile, bare and free from any personality. If your clinic is like this, how do you expect patients to feel welcomed and comfortable when entering your doors?

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