How to Create a Commercial Fitout That Suits Your Brand Personality

Your Brand Personality

In this competitive corporate climate, brand personality is everything. A brand personality helps your business stand out from the crowd. It makes you remarkable, memorable and elevates your business to a whole other level. But brand personality is about more than the tone of voice and company culture you project. That brand personality has to be ingrained in everything you do – including your office interiors.

So, is your commercial space a good fit for your brand personality? Here’s how you can make sure your brand personality and office interiors are a perfect match:

Define Your Brand Personality

Before you can get to your interiors, you need to make sure your brand personality is in place first. By coming up with a brand personality for your business, you are giving your business a set of human characteristics. This helps to make your brand and your product more relatable on a personal level.

The truth is, every brand has a personality, even if you haven’t gone through the trouble of defining it, but that brand personality may not be in line with where you want it to be.

One of the best ways to begin developing a personality is determining what type of emotional impact your business has on people. If you don’t think you have one or if it’s not the emotion you were hoping to achieve, it’s time to start defining that brand personality. Once you know, you can start projecting that personality and emotion into your interior design.

Take a look at these resources for that can help you define your brand personality:

Be Innovative and Take Risks

Most offices look more or less the same. White walls, greyish carpet, fluorescent lighting and stock-standard furniture. Why? Because most companies aren’t willing to invest and take risks on their interior design. But being innovative with your interior design shouldn’t be at the back of your mind. It’s a vital element that matters for your business and its success.

If you go the extra mile and think outside the box with your interior design, customers will perceive that you will do the same for them as a client. If your interiors are the same as any other business you walk into; you just blend into the crowd. You are not remarkable. You are not memorable. Your business deserves better. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your business, and you deserve a stellar first impression.

Project Your Personality Into Your Interiors

So, you’ve got your brand personality under wraps, and you’ve decided to invest in some innovative interior design. Now how do you put that brand personality across in your interiors? It’s pretty simple actually, especially if you have a professional interior designer onboard to help you out.

Here are some examples we’ve come up with:

Young, vibrant and fun-loving – Bright colours and quirky artwork and ornaments that appeal to a younger generation

Sophisticated, bold, upper class – Polished stainless steel, gold, mirrors, glass and high-end statement furniture pieces

Tough, rugged, outdoorsy – rustic items, indoor plants, landscape portraits, wood floors.

Wholesome, down-to-earth, eco-warrior – Green and earthy tones, repurposed and eco-friendly materials

You can go even more in-depth than this by choosing very specific shades to evoke the right emotions, natural or straight edge patterns, use of shapes as well as placement and brightness of your lighting.

So, if you really want to bring your brand personality out in the best possible way, a professional fitout company with an interior designer is the best way to go.

A Fitout That Excites You and Your Customers

Looking for someone who will manage your fitout entirely and take care of the interior design for your new-look office? At Future Fitouts, we’ve got you covered.

We completely manage your fitout project from start to finish and make sure your brand personality shines through too. Learn all about our commercial fitout services and once you’re ready to get started, give us a call on 1300 368 461.