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Connecting Workplace Design and Productivity

With the world returning to normal and workers coming back to their workplaces after an extended period working from home, it is important to utilise the link between workplace design and productivity. A greater focus on the importance of workplace design has seen companies go from cubicles to more open working stations, encouraging a more welcoming atmosphere and in turn increasing employee productivity levels. This blog entry will discuss what exactly workplace design is, and how it can help your company to operate at maximum productivity.

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What is Workplace Design?

Workplace design is used to support the highest-level performance and collaboration among your team. The link between workplace design and productivity shows that it is important to factor in the needs of your workers, safety protocols, and general workspace housekeeping when designing your workplace. The importance of workplace design is to make sure your employees are located smartly in relation to their workstation, that they have their own individual space to work in, and that the general environment is visually appealing and easy to navigate to ensure staff morale remains high throughout the workday.

The following are important steps your company can undertake to ensure your workplace design brings out the best in your employees, with each stage backed by Future Fitouts, the market leaders in workplace design.

Ensure each employee has their own space

When it comes to workplace design and productivity, it is important to make sure that every employee feels valued. An easy way to accomplish this is to ensure that every worker has their own space: a desk that is their own and that can be configured to match their individual working practices. Supplying a desk that comes with drawers will allow workers to more easily manage their items, while also providing them with any necessary resources, such as pen and paper, will ensure they have everything they need on hand. Making every employee feel valued will encourage them to work harder for your cause.

Create spaces for employees to mingle

It is only natural for employees to fraternize at work, but their conversations can offer more than discussions around the latest television show. Research shows that some of the best ideas to emerge from a workplace are born out of conversations at work, especially from talks held between people from two different departments. These productive talks can be encouraged by designing break areas that are open and that help workers find peace of mind, so they are more likely to engage in friendly conversation with each other. Providing less coffee machines can be another way to force employees to be around each other more often so they engage in regular conversation.

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Open your workplace up to nature

It is important to make your employees feel at home while they are at work, as no one performs at their best while they are feeling stressed. If possible, having plenty of natural light beaming into your office will help create a more welcoming environment, and one that your employees will feel more comfortable in. Having windows in your workspace is also a positive, as letting your employers see the world outside can help set their minds at ease. Placing plenty of plants around the office also helps build this welcoming space and will produce cleaner air to help your employees consistently perform at their best.

Keep your workplace clean and open

Like any environment, and more so when it comes to the importance of workplace design, you want to ensure your space remains clean, which in turn, will keep employees in high spirits. Make sure plenty of bins are provided in your workspace so rubbish can promptly be removed and encourage your employees to regularly clean their desks and place any dirty dishes and glasses in the relevant area for cleaning. Having open areas in your space will also stop it from becoming cluttered while allowing easy access throughout the office. Strategic placement, like placing the printer away from the computers, will force employees to move from their desk, encouraging them to stretch and exercise throughout the day.

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