Designing a Commercial Interior Fitout of an Automotive Showroom

Designing a Commercial Interior Fitout of an Automotive Showroom

In an increasingly competitive market, implementing a commercial interior fitout that excites and entices customers can be critical to ensuring a business stands out from the rest of the competition. An auto showroom is a reflection of the product it’s selling, so it must be designed with the brand image in mind if it’s to attract the right customers. Apart from being visually appealing, auto showroom design should also offer a seamless customer experience that encourages a potential buyer to stick around.

But what are some ways you can incorporate thoughtful thinking into your auto dealership design? We’ve compiled a few tips for you to check out below:

Commercial Interior Fitout Design Tips for an Automotive Showroom

Good auto dealership design begins at the reception

The reception area is the first thing a customer sees, so it needs to be inviting whilst still packing a punch. Taking in consideration the type of cars you are selling, whether it be everyday vehicles or more of the luxury kind, a reception gives a customer their first impression of what they can expect in the showroom.

For example, this Mercedes Benz delivery centre has a sleek, powerful reception room that’s on par with its brand image. The combination of wood, dark colours and polishes of silver exudes old school charm and reminds people that the brand is a classic for a reason – it will never go out of style.

Mercedes Dark Office Reception Photo

Create an inviting atmosphere

It’s said that there’s nothing better than that new car smell, and car dealer showroom design should incorporate that same feeling. Diffusing a pleasant smell throughout the space can help shoppers relax and feel more comfortable, whilst also leaving a lasting impression.  Creating a sensory experience or ‘scent marketing’ has been proven to encourage customers to linger in the space – for example, floral scents are known to elevate the mood whereas leather evokes a feeling of opulence, making it perfect for luxury brands.

The finer details

If a customer enters a showroom there’s a high chance that they’re not just window shopping – they’re seriously considering purchasing a vehicle. Keeping the customer in mind as you design your commercial interior fitout helps ensure you create a seamless user experience. By paying close attention to the finer details, such as interior fixtures, a dealership communicates to the buyer that it holds itself to a high standard – which then enhances the marketability of the vehicles they’re selling.

Incorporate some technology

Incorporating technology such as tablets on stands encourages customers to interact with the vehicle, whether it be by reading information about it or watching videos of the car in motion. Chances are the customer has already done some research before entering the showroom but having the option to learn a bit more about the product in-store can help build a positive relationship with the environment.

Leave some room

Have you ever been to a restaurant and felt completely overwhelmed with the number of menu items available? The same can be said for showcasing cars. If there’s not enough breathing room between vehicles, there’s potential for a customer to feel overwhelmed to the point where it’s debilitating. The presence of a large amount of choice may work in theory, but it has the potential to leave a nagging feeling that a customer has made the wrong decision.

Rolls Royce Brisbane Showroom

Consider colour psychology

If the vehicles are the main focus of the environment, the last thing you need is any distracting clashes of colour – unless of course, its within the branding requirements. Though it might be tempting to go with muted shades such as white, grey or black, incorporating splashes of bolder colours such as red or orange can make a space look more powerful. When it comes to the psychology behind colour, blue is considered the most acceptable colour for customers, whereas green is attributed to health and nature. Just remember, colour should not be the focus.

Choose your lighting wisely

Lightning plays a significant role in auto showroom design when it comes to both showcasing vehicles and putting together a captivating commercial interior fitout. Unlike other commercial showrooms, particular attention needs to be placed on creating lightning that complements sleek finishes and minimises glare. Given that vehicles are available in different colours, a variation of lighting will need to be fitted to give contrast to and highlight certain vehicles.

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