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Ergonomics at Work – Top Tips for Improving Posture at Work

Did you know that the average office worker in Australia spends up to 40-hours per week seated in a chair? With a significant portion of our day spent seated and often performing repetitive motion tasks such as typing on a keyword or clicking on a mouse, there has been a steady rise in what’s known as musculoskeletal disorders or (MSDs) associated with poor posture, lack of movement and poorly designed workspaces. If left unchecked poor posture and poor workstation design can quickly lead to more serious and long-lasting health concerns. This week, the Future Fitouts team looks at 5 ways to improve ergonomics at work. Continuing reading for more.

5 Ways to Improve Ergonomics at Work

1.   Posture is Key

While discomfort or soreness is usually not a serious problem it can be a tell-tale sign of what could become a more serious injury down the line. If you’re finding that your parts of your body are sore after a day at the office, you may find improving posture at work greatly beneficial to addressing the underlying causes of your soreness. Here are 5 ways to improve posture at work:

  • Work at eye level – Ensure that your laptop or screen is raised so that you are looking directly at the screen in front of you, rather than having to look down or up.
  • Centre your workstation – In addition to working at eye level, having your primary screen directly in front of you rather than off to the side will reduce the strain on your neck associated from looking left or right.
  • Adequate shoulder and arm support – Ensure that your chair is raised so that your palms can rest comfortably on the desk. Use a wrist support where available.
  • Sit up and straight – Ensure that you sit back and straight in your chair and avoid the urge to slouch.
  • Use a footrest – If you’re finding that your office chair is causing pressure on your thighs, use a footrest to raise your legs slightly off the ground.

2.   Keeping Active

Keeping active even while at the office has been shown to have many health benefits and can lead to improved wellbeing and increased productivity at work. Making it a point to move around the office, taking breaks on time and heading out for some fresh air on a coffee run can sometimes be all that you need to give your muscles a stretch and your body that much needed rest from any prolonged seated position. Aim to make it a habit to move around for a short break every 25 to 30 minutes even if it’s just to make a cup of tea from the kitchen; Even the smallest of breaks can do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing.

3. Conduct an Ergonomic Assessment for Office Workers

Finding that your workplace has seen an increase in sick days and absenteeism due to health issues? As a business owner, conducting an ergonomic assessment for office workers in your workplace can be an important step in evaluating the office environment and how your team interacts with the environment on a day to day basis. Are there certain work activities that require repetitive motion? Is there any pain or discomfort associated with performing certain tasks? Are workspaces designed with ergonomics in mind? Proactive identification and evaluation of known issues through an ergonomic assessment can provide your business with the knowledge and tools to implement effective solutions to improve ergonomics at work.    

4. Ergonomic Furniture

One of the fastest ways to improve posture at work is by ensuring that your office is fitted out with furniture and ergonomic workstations that have been designed with ergonomics in mind. Advances in technology and in-depth research into ergonomics at work has given rise to an affordable range of ergonomic workspace furniture and workstations specifically designed for improving posture at work.  At Future Fitouts, we have a range of office furniture packages available to suit offices and businesses of all sizes. Enquire today for more information.    

5. Office Fitouts with Ergonomic Workspace Design in Mind

Need an office transformation to take advantage of the latest in ergonomic workspace design? Implement the latest in ergonomic workstations and sustainable design principles, create collaborative workspaces that encourage movement and teamwork, and improve office layout with ergonomic workspace design in mind with a modern commercial fitout. If you’re finding that your existing office is starting to feel and look a bit dated, a complete fitout and redesign could be just what your office needs to boost morale and improve productivity and overall wellbeing. Find out more by getting in touch with Future Fitouts today – an award-winning commercial fitout company, transforming commercial workspaces, one fitout at a time!

Want to Learn More?

Interested to learn how more about how improving posture at work and making changes to your office and workspace will improve ergonomics at work? At Future Fitouts, we design and construct modern and contemporary office spaces where people WANT and LOVE coming to work! Get in touch with our office fit out team today on 1300 368 461 for transformative workspaces that boost productivity and wellbeing. 

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