Fitouts for Niche Businesses

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about the fitout industry is that we only service offices and corporate spaces.

But you’ll be surprised by the variety of clients we work with. In fact, some of the most creative fitouts we see are not only corporate clients, but also small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Here are some exciting creative fitouts that you didn’t know existed:

Niche Massage Parlours

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While there are certainly plenty of massage parlours around, there’s actually a growing trend of niche massage services, specifically babies and animals.

Baby massage isn’t exactly a new thing – it’s been around for centuries (but mostly done at home). What’s new, however, is the growing number of baby massage centres where parents can massage their babies with guidance from trained professionals.

Then there’s the massage services for pets and animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses. Like us humans, animals can benefit from a proper massage, whether for physical therapy or general good health.

Fitout tips and ideas:

For massage parlours like these, we can design fitouts that create a soothing and relaxing environment for massage and therapy. Whether it’s fun and colourful interiors for baby massage centres or spacious playpens for pets and animals, we can design fitouts that make these unique centres even more special.

Pop-up Stores and Boutiques

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Pop-up stores are great for new business owners and budding entrepreneurs, letting them grow their business without paying too much for rental space. Although many pop-up stores are temporary, some end up staying for the long-term, especially when business is good.

Fitout tips and ideas:

Whether your pop-up store is within a bigger store or set in a cosy nook outside, we can help you design your space so that it’s inviting to everyone who passes by. Given the smaller areas of pop-up stores, it can be a challenge to design a space that provides the same retail experience as their bigger cousins. But with creative layouts and the right furniture and interiors, we can maximise your space to make it feel bigger and livelier than ever.

Unique Fitness Studios

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The fitness industry has been booming these past several years, leading to the rise of private gyms, fitness studios, and other health centres across the country.

It’s no surprise then that specialty fitness studios have also become more popular. These unique studios either focus on a specific style of exercise or cater to a particular group of people. Gyms dedicated to Crossfit, Zumba, and functional training are now the norm, while studios designed for variations of popular fitness activities like aerial yoga or yogalates (yoga+pilates) have also grown in number.

Fitout tips and ideas:

As fitout specialists, we can make sure that your fitness studio is not just beautiful but also functional. We can plan and design your studio space so that each area is clearly defined yet flow seamlessly into the other. From your studio’s reception and lounge areas right down to your exercise area, lockers rooms, and admin office, we can streamline your area and make it work better.

Does Your Business Need a New Fitout?

As you can see, fitouts aren’t just for traditional offices – they’re great for any business that needs a better space.

We believe that a fitout specialist can work with any space and make the best out of it, no matter what business it’s in. And that’s exactly we’ve done and continue to do.

If you need help improving your workspace (even if it’s not an office), feel free to contact us to find out to what we can do for you.