Five Outstanding Medical Fitout Ideas

A doctor’s surgery is not usually a place you go when you’re feeling in top form. As doctors, it’s important to make your practice waiting room and surgery a welcoming and warm place, where patients feel welcomed and comforted.

medical fitout ideas1

We have designed our fair share of medical practice interiors, and we can tell you straight away that the focus should always be on the comfort and safety of your patients. It’s also a good idea to have a kids’ section where children can play while waiting for their parent to see the doctor, or for their own appointment. We wanted to share some of our top tips for medical fitouts and give you some things to consider for your new practice design.

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Think about colours

medical fitout ideas2Colour is one of the most critical parts of your business design and requires a careful eye to ensure harmony. Your medical practice needs to be a calming space where people feel comfortable, but don’t necessarily shy away from bright colours in favour of tranquil greens and muted tones. Some bright features can be just what people need to see to feel uplifted and safe – just make sure you use colour wheel to ensure that your colours match or complement each other.

Certain colours evoke certain emotions as well, so consider using some brighter colours in a kid’s play area and stick to lighter-hued versions of the same colours in the main waiting area. For surgery rooms consider using neutral colours, but don’t shy away from a splash of colour again – because who said that medical centres have to be boring? Sensible, yes, and clean – but you can show some personality with your décor.

Go green 

Make the most of plants and natural features in your medical practice with hardy indoor plants and features. You might even go so far as to install a water feature! The tranquil effect of running water works wonders for calming people down. If you’re not keen on maintaining your plants yourself, you can engage the services of a plant maintenance company to do it for you.

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Use your reception to the max

Your reception areas is the first thing that your patients will see when they enter your practice, so make sure you make the most of this space.Got an update you want patients to see? Put it on the wall behind your reception. Make the most of holiday decorations and put up trinkets and knick-knacks along the counter, or just have the essentials. Whatever you do, make it a welcoming place.

Things to consider here are the materials you’ll use to construct your reception area. Do you want a wooden reception area, or are you happy to go with synthetic materials? Also consider the security of your reception staff as patients may come in seeking restricted medication and could become agitated if they do not get what they want. For this reason, it’s important to have something high that is not accessible from the front.

Consider comfort

Think about the furniture you’re going to be putting into your waiting room. You want something comfortable but separate so people feel secure. You don’t want everyone crammed onto a bench or waiting on an uncomfortable couch; people are unwell and want to feel cosy – so ensure the furniture you choose matches this. Also, choose something easy to clean as you will likely need to perform regular cleaning on your chairs and furniture.

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