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Future Proofing with Technology in the Workplace

Your office is the heart of your business. It’s where you meet every day for work, brainstorm new ideas, meet with clients, manage tasks, take care of business, and manage your daily tasks. Naturally, it’s where you spend a great deal of your time. As a result, you want your office to be as comfortable and personalised as possible, so that you get the most out of every day and enjoy the time you spend there.

A key part of productivity and comfort in the office comes down to your technology. You need to ensure that your office has forward thinking technology for remote meetings, and the facilities you need to make your life easier. Sick of struggling with Audio Visual (AV) equipment that doesn’t work? Frustrated with poor quality cabling and badly-thought-out desk design? By taking a forward-thinking technology approach, you are embracing technology in the workplace and ensuring a smooth transition into whatever the future holds.

Find out more about future-proofing your office with technology in the workplace thanks to the office fitout professionals – Future Fitouts.

Embracing technology in the workplace: anticipate your future growth

Office tech includes the standard of computers, internet, and phones – but beyond the basics there is a whole range of technology options that can be included in your office to ensure future capacity for growth.

  • You want to ensure that your team can access their work from anywhere, which means you need a robust, fibre-based, cloud and data office network which is capable of hosting a range of communication tools and secure servers. As time goes on, we’re only going to be sharing more and more online.
  • Incorporate remote workstations or consider hot-desking, where workspaces are not fixed and where employees can work from any space in the office.
  • Think about implementing sit/stand desks which are configurable to the team-member’s preferences – this sort of ergonomic office furniture can go a long way towards attracting a great candidate for a new role.

If you are fitting out a new office and have big plans for future growth, consider fitting out the office to suit the needs of freelancers who may pay to hire the spare desks until they are filled by your growing team. That way you won’t have unused space, and you’ll be fostering a community of fellow workers while you’re at it!

Technology in the workplace for remote working capacity

Remote working is something that is growing in popularity as technology improves and gives more and more people the capacity to work from anywhere. If you have meetings every morning, or a catch up every Monday you want your remote team to be part of this too. But if your AV is terrible, troublesome, or just plain non-existent, consider investing in a screen and sufficient video to allow you to phone in for everyone.

The team building impact that short, regular, face to face meetings have on your team is huge – and by making a small investment in AV you’re actively bringing greater connectivity to your team.

The internet of things (IoT)

You might have heard of the IoT – it’s basically a range of everyday tools and functions like lights, air conditioning, air purifiers, and blinds (just to name a couple of examples) which are connected to smart devices to allow them to be automated. No more battle of the air conditioner in the office; your IoT thermostat will auto-regulate based on the settings which have been pre-determined to boost productivity and comfort.

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You might even have an air diffuser with essential oil fragrances installed with IoT capacity! Just imagine, you’re struggling to stay alert during a key brainstorming session when you suddenly detect a subtle yet powerful hint of lemongrass and wild orange oil, boosting productivity and keeping you focused. Conversely, a calming dose of lemongrass might be just what you want during a stressful meeting. This and other technologies are around the corner, and it’s not a matter of it – it’s a matter of when.

With future-proofing office tech you can ensure that when these technologies become available, you’re the first to embrace them.




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As more and more businesses move into operating remotely and begin embracing technology in the workplace, it makes sense to incorporate office tech design into your office fitout. That way you are prepared for whatever the future holds, whatever direction you take your business in. Future Fitouts are forward-thinking Brisbane shopfitters with our eyes fixed firmly on what is coming up next. We can also introduce you to IT Innovation Specialists that may be able to assist with all IT related questions. By considering and accommodating potential challenges before they even exist, we ensure that your business benefits from its fitout both now, and in the future.

Our Brisbane shopfitters are experienced in a range of industries and business types, from retail through to corporate and everything in between. We would love the opportunity to discuss your future fitout needs, so get in touch with our office fitout professionals today.