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  • We complete every task required to create a stunning and practical space that you and your staff will enjoy working in.

Supply & Install Office Furniture

Once your office layout has been rearranged, new carpet has been laid and a fresh coat of paint has been applied, the next step is to install and arrange your new office furniture. Arranging your furniture properly in a space is just as important as the facelift your office receives.

We can supply and install every type of office furniture you need including desks, chairs, couches, dividers and boardroom tables. If you are not sure what kind of furniture will suit your space, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

We will supply and install all office furniture to tie in with the overall look you want to achieve. We will help you pick the perfect pieces to match the rest of the décor, have it delivered to your premises and arrange it in the most practical and visually appealing way possible.


Mounting Whiteboards, Projectors, and Artwork

It takes more than a beautiful new space to get your work done. We want to set up your office so it is ready for you to get to work in right away. All the extra essentials such as whiteboards and projectors can be mounted and installed by us, and we can even hang new artwork for you to turn an ordinary office into something special.

Installing Additional Shelving or Storage

Every office needs appropriate storage to keep their important documents and items in order. Did you underestimate how many files you have to store or perhaps your business has expanded so much that you now need some extra storage in place? We can help you find the right storage solution whether it be cupboards, shelving or filing cabinets that are the right fit and style for your office.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are something that many offices forget to include in their fitout, but they are often a welcome addition. They bring a little of the outdoors indoors and add vibrancy and life to your space. Having a little greenery in the office has also been proven to reduce stress and provides a more pleasant environment to work in. We can help you choose and place all kinds of indoor potted plants both large and small, real or fake.

Extra Inspiration

If something is missing in your space and you can’t quite put your finger on it, allow us to give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for. We have the experience and insight you need to add the extra ‘wow’ factor to your fitout. Whether it be a well-designed item of furniture to act as a focal point or a piece of art that pops, take advantage of our interior design services to add something unique to your space.


Our service does not end once your fitout is complete. We are always available to provide further improvements to your fitout whenever you need it, and can supply and install any additional furniture or items in your office well after your office fitout is complete.

Future Fitouts Team

Need any Extra Services After Your Fitout is Complete?

We understand that as businesses grow and change, what they hope to get out of their office space changes also. Maybe you realise you need more storage in your space, or you need a few extra tables and desks to make way for new staff.

As your business success grows, we want to be available for you to provide the extra fitout services required when you need it.

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