How to Find the Perfect Location for Your New Medical Fitout

Location. Location. Location.’

Although most people know this mantra when buying residential property, it readily applies to the commercial and medical fields as well – especially when setting up a new clinic.

Your new clinic’s location can determine its long-term success, so you needto make sure you pick the right site.

But how exactly do you find the perfect location for your new medical fitout?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for this. Every medical fitout is different, so no single answer will do.

But the good news is that you can make the best decision for your practice by considering some key factors.

Ease of Access

There’s no doubt that the more accessible your new medical fitout is, the more attractive it will be to patients. A site that’s near public transport will always be a big advantage for any fitout, making commutes easier for both your patients and staff. You’ll also want a location that’s easy to drive to (i.e. near major roads) – ideally with plenty of parking options also available.


Is your new site easy to see and find from the street? A highly visible location won’t just make your centre more accessible, but it can also help make it a ‘top of mind’ choice for those who see it when driving past. It also helps if your clinic is located on a major road with plenty of traffic going past. Being in a location that gets lots of visibility can save you on advertising costs and it makes it easy for new patients to find you.

Workable Space

Does your prospect site offer the right amount of space you need for your centre? As good as a location may be, it likely won’t suit you if it doesn’t offer the right amount of space and layout to administer the type of service you want to provide. Always consider what your practice requires and consider extra space for growth if possible.


It may not seem that important, but the immediate vicinity of your new fitout can make a big difference in how people perceive your clinic. No matter how calm and peaceful the interiors of your new fitout may be, it won’t make the same impression if its surroundings are the opposite. Remember: if the neighbourhood doesn’t look safe or if the exterior of your building is poorly maintained, some people may not even consider your centre at all.

Zoning and Regulations

Some areas have zoning restrictions that don’t allow medical-related activities to be provided. Before committing to your site, make sure it meets zoning requirements and other council regulations. Doing this will help you avoid investing in a property you can’t use.


Are there other medical centres nearby that are similar to your new fitout? How many are there and how well are they doing? By gauging your competition around your site, you’ll get a better idea of how well your new clinic can perform once it’s set up. It’s always going to be a big advantage if you can find a location with minimal direct competition.


A key aspect of evaluating a prospect site is checking the demographics of the people who live in the area. The closer it matches your target market, the better your new fitout will likely perform. A paediatric centre, for example, will likely struggle in a suburb with predominantly elderly residents. Choose an area that your target market resides in or frequently visits.

Proximity to Hospitals

Depending on your field of practice, being near a hospital may or may not be an advantage. Being near a hospital can make referrals easier and provide better access to medication and further services. On the other hand, if your new clinic offers services similar to what a nearby hospital does expertly, then some patients may choose to go there instead.

Need Help with Your New Medical Fitout?

Once you’ve chosen and committed to a location for your new fitout, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help completing it. We provide healthcare and medical fitouts Brisbane wide, and we can make your new medical fitout truly stand out.