How to Get Your Office into the Christmas Spirit

It’s now December, and with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for your workplace to get into the Christmas spirit!

Not only is it fun to celebrate this festive holiday in the office, but it also adds so many benefits to your workplace as a whole. By taking part in this holiday and celebrating it with your colleagues, not only does this boost morale amongst the team but it also brings everyone together and lightens the mood in the office during the holiday season.

So how can you bring Christmas into your office? Find out how below:

Decorate the Office

Decorating the office is the simplest and easiest way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Tree – Set up a Christmas tree in your office and get your team involved to decorate it. This is a great way for your team to bond. The office Christmas tree could also be a great place to put all the Secret Santa presents if you decide to do this.

Wreath – Hang a Christmas wreath on the door of your office to spread holiday cheer even before employees and clients step through your door.

Baubles – Baubles can be used in many ways to decorate your office. You can distribute them decoratively in bookshelves and tables, stack them in glass vases or containers for a cool look or attach them to string and delicately hang them from the ceiling.

Christmas Ornaments – Christmas trees, Santa’s, reindeers and gingerbread houses. Whatever ornaments you choose, consider your brand and the style of ornaments that will suit. A high end and sophisticated office may be more suited to sleek and simplistic ornaments with a high level of design while a light-hearted firm may suit more quirky pieces.

Tinsel – On and around desks, around poles and handrails, framing furniture or lining the perimeter of your room, tinsel can be placed practically anywhere in your office. It’s also cheap and super easy to decorate with.

Work Christmas Party

These days, almost every office expects their boss to organise an office Christmas party for the team. The office Christmas party can be as basic or as lavish as you want but the important thing is to have one. You don’t want to be known as the business who is too stingy to put on a Christmas party. It’s the best way to thank the staff for their hard work throughout the year.

Secret Santa

Holding an office secret Santa is one of the best ways to bring everyone together at the end of a busy year. Simply set a budget, put everyone’s name in a hat and let everyone draw out a name. The name they pull out of the hat will be the person they buy a Secret Santa gift for. Don’t forget to stress that it must be kept secret. Not knowing who the giftee is, is all part of the fun!

Christmas Treats

This doesn’t necessarily have to be for the last day at work before the Christmas break. Consider bringing classic Christmas treats into the office sporadically for staff to enjoy. From simple Santa chocolates and candy canes to freshly baked goodies, any Christmassy treats are bound to be appreciated.

If you’re office is really into freshly baked goodies, you could even put on a Christmas baking competition where everyone in the office brings in freshly baked festive treats for everyone to share. The treat voted to be the best will get a prize.

Here’s our ultimate list of yummy Christmas treats to share in your office:

  • Ginger Bread
  • White Christmas
  • Eggnog
  • Christmas themed cookies
  • Cherries
  • Christmas pudding
  • Fruit cake

Christmas Music

Retail stores are renowned for doing this. As soon as December rolls around, the Christmas tunes are playing in store to get everyone in the mood.

This festive option largely depends on the type of environment you work in. If you’re workplace regularly puts on music or the radio throughout the day, consider going with Christmas themed tunes instead leading up to the big day. Make sure however that your employees are into this idea too before you start blasting Christmas tunes all day.

Show Off & Spread Your Christmas Cheer

Don’t keep that Christmas joy cooped up within the walls of your office. Spread it and show the world that your Christmas spirit is strong. Consider updating your website and email signatures with some festive graphics. You could even show your clients how much you appreciate them by sending some Christmas themed gifts for them to enjoy.

Ugly Sweater Contest

Considering we celebrate Christmas in summer, this option will only fly if you work in an air-conditioned office. The ugly sweater contest is a fairly new phenomenon that has spread rapidly across the USA, so it could be one your office would like to adopt too. Whether you buy a sweater or decorate it yourself, the ugly sweater contest is always great for a laugh.

Christmas Lunch

The last day of work before Christmas break should be acknowledged and celebrated in every workplace. Rather than making your staff push out a full day of hard work, allow the impending holiday to lighten the mood or even give your employees an early mark.

And when it comes to Christmas day itself, above all else, many of us look forward to Christmas lunch the most, sometimes even more than the presents. So why not replicate that same feeling in the workplace by putting on a Christmas lunch?

There are multiple options for putting on a Christmas lunch to die for to suit any business budget. You could ask everyone to bring a plate of something to share, splurge for the day with food delivered to your office or even get an in-house chef to prepare a delicious meal for your team.

Visit from Santa

Getting a visit from Santa, whether it be a professional paid Santa or one of the managers dressed up as the big man himself, is sa special and much-loved tradition that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

If you end up holding a secret Santa on the last day of work, you could even get the chosen Santa to hand out the presents to the lucky boys and girls in the office.

Celebrate Christmas In Your Office

We hope some of these ideas have inspired you to ramp up the Christmas spirit in your office. It’s a fun and happy time of year and we’d love to think every business across Brisbane has an opportunity to celebrate it.