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How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

As the world moves to accommodate more and more employees to work from home, employers are facing new challenges on how to keep remote employees engaged. Remote working has proven to have benefits for many companies, as some employees feel more engaged in their home environment and time spent on travel can be devoted to work instead. On the other hand, working from home can cause employees to slow down their productivity as they are distracted by outside elements, such as kids and household chores.

If you are looking for ways for keeping remote employees engaged, there are multiple tips that can be followed to ensure your employees remain both happy and engaged from their home office.

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The Best Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Create a Health & Wellness Program

Encouraging your workers to engage in regular exercise and self-care is a good way to keep your staff energised and one of the top ways of how to keep remote employees engaged. You can create a wellness program for employees to follow that incorporates yoga and other activities to get them out of their seats and moving to promote both their physical and mental health. Wellness programs are also a good way for remote employees to stay connected with onsite workers, as work channels dedicated to such practices can allow them to bond by sharing wellness tips and regular support.

Use Technology to Stay Connected

Remote employees should be treated the same as those onsite and should be checked up on regularly to ensure they are staying productive and are in good spirits. Remote work can feel isolating, but you can change that by encouraging communication through various workplace apps and programs. The rise of technology has seen communication apps explode in popularity, and these applications can be used to keep remote workers engaged by encouraging them to communicate with their co-workers about work related matters and general discussion to reduce the risk of burnout. Regular video calls can also be made to keep employees engaged visually as the sight of a friendly face can brighten up their day if they are working from an isolated home environment.

Host Regular Virtual Meetings

Make your remote employees feel valued by scheduling regular video calls to check up on them and discuss both work-related and more causal topics to ease stress. Recent years have seen video programs such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams become mainstream, and these can be used to host weekly lunchbreaks for onsite and external workers to mingle. By making these meet-ups voluntary remote workers can choose to engage with other workers at their own pace and help them feel like part of the team. These video calls can also be used to host social events for your employees to bond, with watch parties and trivia nights proving to be big hits.

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Highlight Your Remote Employees’ Hard Work

An important factor when discussing how to keep remote employees engaged is to celebrate their wins. Everyone likes a bit of praise every now and then, and singing the praises of your remote employees when they submit a particularly great piece of work will help them feel seen even when they are not around. Tagging them in a positive post on internal communication platforms or giving them a shoutout during a team meeting can make your remote employees feel valued for the work they are doing. Encouraging your employees to praise each other for their hard work will also help to increase rapport between your team.

Encourage in-Person Meetings

This depends on where employees are located and if coming into the office is accessible for them but encourage your remote employees to step into the office to keep up regular face-to-face contact. It is much easier to communicate online once you have put a face to a name and become comfortable in each other’s presence. At Future Fitouts we offer high-end office interior design and can help you design and construct a designated break room for your office to encourage regular engagement for both onsite and visiting remote workers. These rooms can host regular events such as book clubs and game nights and are a good way to invite remote workers into the office, when possible, to help them feel like part of the team.

Have Incredible Office Culture!

When an office fosters a culture of collaboration, camaraderie, and support, it creates an uplifting atmosphere that remote workers may find hard to replicate at home. The energy and synergy of a thriving office can be infectious, driving employees to work with enthusiasm, creativity, and a sense of belonging. These working environments may feel difficult to come by, so team members will value it – The spontaneous conversations, impromptu brainstorming sessions, and shared experiences in an office space can lead to valuable insights, innovative ideas, and stronger professional relationships which in turn, enriches the workspace. The sense of community and social interaction within the office can enhance motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

There are many ways of how to keep your remote employees engaged but the simplest way is to just treat them as a regular part of the team and check up on them regularly with genuine care. As more businesses move further online in the digital world, remote work is bound to become more commonplace, so stay engaged with your remote workers and offer a helping hand whenever they show signs of feeling disconnected from the workplace.

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