The Importance of Giving Back – Our B1G1 Story

The Importance of Giving Back – Our B1G1 Story

It often too easy to get caught up in our day to day businesses. When we take a moment to step back and reflect on how far we’ve come as individuals or as businesses, we can truly appreciate how fortunate we are. For many around the world can struggle with things we often take for granted like running water or a roof over their heads. In today’s economic climate the importance of giving back to those in need is more important than ever.

As a small business, we are passionate about finding ways in which we can make the greatest impact to affect change around the world. With countless charitable and worthy causes to choose from, we wanted a way we could give back in our way. What we found is that even small changes can be make the world of difference.

If we all do it a little, together we change the world for the better.

B1G1 and Future Fitouts

At Future Fitouts we are proud to be one of many small businesses that give back throughout the year to charities that are close to our hearts. Since 2017,  we’ve been proudly involved with B1G1. Started in 2007 when a small group of business owners had the idea to give back just by doing the things we do every day, the ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ business initiative has now grown to over 2,700 small to medium business from around the world, that each does their part to make a significant impact to worthy causes.

Changing the world by transforming spaces often starts by making a small difference.

With B1G1, we’ve been given the opportunity to make over 6,400 positive impacts to projects around the world to date. Our three main impacts include; Every time we complete a new fitout, we provide 1 square meter of rainforest protection; every new enquiry by phone, email or online that comes our way, we provide 1 meal to a rescued animal in need and every fee proposal we send we give a brick towards building a school in Kenya! While B1G1 has allowed our team to choose small causes where we can make the biggest impacts in our own way, we love giving back project ideas that allow us to give our time as well.   

Giving Back Project Ideas

Small businesses that give back to their favourite charities can not only foster social goodwill but also can make positive changes on the lives of many. While non-profits like B1G1 make it easy to make a difference by embedding giving in the way we do business; There are plenty of giving back project ideas that a new or small business can implement today that don’t require any financial outlay but can still make a difference.

1.   Offer Up Your Space

Make use of your office space or boardroom after hours. Get in touch with charitable organisations or local community groups and offer the use of your space for their meetings and events. Whether you have a boardroom on the 20th floor or a large function room that only gets used a few times a month, offering up your space can really make a difference to those who need it. Browse Sparework Space Profile!

2.   Share Your Time and Knowledge

In our busy lives, time is often the most valuable resource. Spare a few moments every month to donate your time and knowledge to charitable causes. Become a mentor for at-risk youth, share your skillset with others, and help develop their business and life skills.

3.   Go Green

Go green and implement sustainable practices in your workspace. Start a composting bin, go paperless, or have the team leave their car keys at home for a week or get together for a plant-a-tree day. Even small changes in the way a business operates can have lasting effects on the planet as a whole.

4.   Hire and Train Locally

For many in underserved communities finding employment can be an uphill battle. By providing job opportunities and training your business can help get people back on their feet in their times of need. You’ll also be playing an important part in keeping jobs at home and growing your local economy.  

5.   Do a Job ‘On-the-house’

Whether you’re in legal, landscaping, building, or hospitality, doing an extra job on-the-house can make the world of difference to someone who would not otherwise have the means to hire you.      

Want to learn more about the importance of giving back? Get in touch with the team at Future Fitouts today. We are an office fitout solutions company that is passionate about doing our part to participate in community fundraisers and support local and global charities. We’d love to share more about how we are giving back and some of the cool ideas that other companies are doing to make a difference in the world.