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Projecting Your Organisation’s Values onto Your Office Branding and Design

Some of the most effective office branding strategies include projecting an organisation’s values onto its office spaces. Continue reading to learn more about internal office branding or, if you are already looking to improve how well your organisational values are incorporated into your office space, reach out to Future Fitouts by requesting a proposal online, calling 1300 368 461 or emailing to get started with your office interior design project today.

What is Branding?

Before we consider how your organisational values are reflected in your brand, and consequently whether they are effectively incorporated into your office branding, we need to briefly have a look at what branding is and what its objectives are in the first place. In simple terms, branding means the connection between a business (a product or a service) and specific name, symbol (logo), features, colours as well as ideas and values (more on this below).

What are the Goals of Branding?

The association between a business, service or product and the elements of its brand aims to help to make it uniquely recognisable. Just like clothing on a person, branding of a business gives it character and personality with the goal of making it relatable. The goals of branding can be summarised in a few key points:

  • To establish the place of a business, product, or a service within its industry with a unique image.
  • To build and grow awareness by making the brand memorable.
  • To develop customer loyalty by making the brand align with the values of its audience.
  • Finally, to improve sales as a result of the above key objectives.

Why Do You Need Branding?

When the character and personality of a business, product, or a service aligns with the expectation of its target audience, this relatability can develop into brand loyalty. With branding it is also possible to shape an audience’s perception and view of a business, what it does and what it sells, as well as how a good brand can help a business reach a broader audience, retain that audience, and increase the overall returns over time.

What are Organisational Values?

The term “organisational values” refers to the core principles, values, beliefs, and ethics an organisation commits to abiding by. In simpler words, organisational values are what a business stands for.

Why Should You Consider the Values of Your Organisation?

In a sense, developing a set of organisational values and making them known can work in a way very similar to branding. Having clearly committed-to beliefs at an organisation level can help a business attract people who relate to those values. This can mean both prospective employees as well as potential clients seeking to engage with organisations aligned with a set of values important to them.

How do I Implement Office Branding?

The external image and public perception of a business are only some of the aspects of implementing a value-informed brand. There are many ways in which a brand image can be projected, and office branding is one of them.

Internal Office Branding that Reflects the Values of An Organisation

Internal office branding can be a great storytelling device and a practical demonstration of what a business is really about. A few of the office interior design aspects that can be leveraged in an internal office branding project could be:

Use of Graphics

Incorporating logos into office décor may the first thing that comes to mind, but the use of graphical elements in interior design can be extended to murals, signs, decals, feature patterns and even visual art to convey a message.

Layout Designs

The layout of an office can say a lot about the culture of an organisation. From a welcoming reception area, through individual workspaces to boardroom and meeting room layouts; a commitment to inclusiveness and collaboration can be expressed through the use of open spaces that encourage active co-working, fraternization and teamwork. An office layout designed with accessibility in mind can reinforce that message even further.


The acoustic features of offices are also worth considering. Sound proofed meeting rooms and intelligent noise management can immediately hint at a space of attentive focus and committed work.


Lighting design is traditionally one of the easiest ways of creating a mood in a space. This can also be applied to office designs and does not need to be limited to making sure that enough natural light makes its way inside. Electrical lighting can contribute to the atmosphere of an interior through colour of the light and the design of the fixtures themselves – whether formal, artistic, traditional, or casual (depending on the image of the business).

Choice of Colours

Colour theming is often an inherent part of brand development, with very precise guidelines around the colour palette and the specific shades that need to be adhered to. Brand colours are often chosen to be a part of a brand because of the values and moods they are perceived to express. Colours are also relatively easy to incorporate into an office space’s look through painted walls.

Integration of Technology

Smart office features and touch technologies can be used to create interactive workspace experiences. Digital displays can run either promotional materials to visitors, or messages of encouragement, inspiration, or motivation to the workers.

Selection of Furniture

Choosing the right furniture should be a key consideration when ensuring that an office space is projecting the right image. Just as the company culture and brand, office furniture too can be highly formal, friendly and casual, or simple and functional.


Office accessories do not have to be limited having a water feature in the lobby or a few plants peppered throughout. Something as simple as ensuring that recycling bins are available can speak lengths about an organisation’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.

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All of the above elements can be used to communicate messages to those who work at or visit a well-thought-out office.

If you need help incorporating your brand and its values into your office space, get in touch with us now. Request a proposal online, call 1300 368 461 or email to get started today.