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Getting a good return on assets and maintaining the value of your property is crucial to investors and landlords.

They see the importance of improving commercial real estate investment to enhance Return on Investment (ROI) on commercial property. Investors want to see their properties occupied with quality tenants and fill vacancies quickly to maximise their returns.

Future Fitouts provides investor solutions that assist investors and landlords to get the best return out of their property and create win-win solutions with their tenants.

It’s an interesting market with a constant changing landscape and combined with the current economic conditions is proving a challenge for landlords and investors.  Investors want to attract solid, secure and long-term tenants with minimal investment, while tenants want to spend the least amount of money as possible, negotiate high landlord incentives and are cautious with long-term tenancy commitments.

The demand for office space is also unusual with a number of businesses choosing to work from home or offering remote working solutions, which require less real estate.

Future Fitouts Value

Future Fitouts works with investors and landlords daily and understands these challenges (from both perspectives). We can adapt to meet requirements, but from experience, an office that is designed for multiple uses, offers flexibility (with regards to furniture options) and is well-presented does become attractive for potential tenants and adding value to the investor.

If you have a building (or even some extra space) that is vacant and require some ideas to increase value and attract good quality tenants, it’s worth reaching out and having a conversation with Future Fitouts.


One client/landlord had a two-storey building with the downstairs being used as a storage area, slopping concrete floors and an unattractive space adding no value. The Future Fitouts team envisaged the space could be used as secondary office and designed and fitted out the environment creating a modern, clean and spacious area, utilising the natural light and installing a mezzanine floor. Upon completion, the owner attracted a tenant paying market rents for the space and added value to the building. The cost of the fitout was recovered with rent in under two years.


Another client had a vacant building that was in original condition with the previous use being a mechanics workshop. The building was run-down and internally required a lot of imagination and works to convert into a useable space. After the fitout, the space was converted into a high-end luxury showroom and become home to “Highgate House”.


The Suncorp Insurance Facility project was another example of a run-down industrial shed at Eagle Farm and converted into a high returning investment. This investor strategically worked with an “A-Grade” tenant and found them a space that met all their requirements. The investor / landlord then invested in the fitout and signed a long-term lease (plus options) with Suncorp to secure this tenant as part of their overall investment portfolio. Adding both capital value and increased rental return.

Future Fitouts understands the goals that landlords try to achieve and the benefits of attracting the right tenants into their spaces. By working with landlords and investors we can provide a quality fitout that adds rental return value, appreciates the capital value of the building/asset and becomes a tax write-off with depreciation. A win-win for all parties; the tenant can move straight into a space without any work required and a landlord can increase their overall asset value and Return on Investment.

Future Fitouts has worked directly with landlords (and tenants) in the past to design, construct and deliver value to existing buildings. Ensuring the finishes are not ‘over-spec’d’ but sufficient enough to produce a quality finish and attract tenants. We have also worked with a number of architects and provided buildability and construct advice and completed the construction in partnership with the architect.

Future Fitouts also understand the on-going costs and maintenance items for the landlord after the fitout is complete. As the annual return of the asset will be determined by the costs of outgoings and maintenance items raised on the property. From a fitout point of view, we want to work with the landlord and ensure the selection of materials, fixtures and fittings meet a certain quality (to avoid maintenance costs down the track), and warranty on products where applicable. At the design stage, it’s crucial for landlords that the concepts and ideas we put forward are industry best practice and will last the test of time. Unless specifically requested, we generally don’t spec ‘fad’ items that will quickly date and require upgrades.

If you are serious about adding value to your existing investment portfolio, have a need to attract a tenant or possibly looking at purchasing a commercial building, and need a professional opinion.

Reach out to the Future Fitouts team so see how we can assist in adding value to your investments, call us on 1300 368 461 and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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