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4 Stunning Office Colour Scheme Ideas

Picking office colour scheme ideas are more involved than choosing colours at random and hoping they match well together. You need to pick colours that complement each other and enhance the look of your business and brand.

Once the colours are chosen, remember you will be stuck with them, so take the time you need to make the right choice. The colours you choose will become symbolic of who you are as a company and ensure you’re easily identifiable in the crowd.

Whether it be extending your branding colours into your interiors or choosing office colour scheme ideas that are fresh, modern, and complementary to your brand image, it always helps to have interior design experts on hand to help develop the right colour combination for your business.

To make your decision process a little easier, we’ve shared a few office colour scheme ideas from some of our own fitouts we’ve completed for businesses across Brisbane.

1. Vibrant Colours

There’s no need to shy away from colour in your office. Our office refurbishment for National Work came up beautifully with these bright and bold splashes of colour that work perfectly together.

This combination of colours really makes a statement along with creating a vibrant and welcoming environment for both employees and clients to enjoy.

Colourful wallpaper on the transparent office windows
Colourful wallpaper on the transparent office windows

2. Earthy Tones with a Hint of Colour

Corporate colours are usually associated with bland and neutral tones such as grey, white and black, but when you add an earthy green or brown into the mix, your average office is lifted to new heights. Pairing this colour palette with sleek and modern furniture and unique design elements will make your office and business look edgy and current.

Colourful green couches in the waiting area
Colourful green couches in the waiting area

3. A Pop of Red

Red is a very eye-catching colour, and when it’s used right, it can really add personality to a room. For this fitout for How Ford & Boxer, a pop of red was painted on all office doors which was further complemented by wallpaper and artwork that also included the same red hue.

Black, white and red office space
Beautiful wallpaper in a small office

4. Brighten Up Your Interior with Yellow

So many businesses choose red to add the pop of colour they need in their space, but have you ever considered yellow? For Western Union, yellow is an iconic brand colour that was a must to incorporate into their interior design tastefully.

In this fitout, white, black and grey tones were used to balance out the brightness of the yellow. By doing this, it ensured the colour wasn’t too overpowering in the space.

Colourful office area
Beautiful yellow, black and white wallpaper and colourful office space

Get the Right Colour Scheme for Your Business

When giving your office a makeover, it’s so important you nail the colour scheme because those colours will be part of your brand and company image for years to come.

At Future Fitouts, we work with you to select the right combination of colours that complement each other and enhance the image of your business overall.

Are you looking for fresh office colour scheme ideas to incorporate into your office? It’s time to give your business a colour makeover with our team at Future Fitouts! For all of your commercial office fitouts call us on 1300 368 461 or request a proposal today!

Updated 21/04/2021