Office Design Hacks to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Happiness and motivation. They are two things every employer should want to flourish within their workplaces, because when they do, great things come from them for their business.

So, consider this. Does your workplace make you feel happy and motivated?

It’s vitally important that the space you work and live in day to day is comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable in your space, then your productivity drops and so does your mood. But this problem can be overcome, and it all comes down to implementing clever office design with employees in mind.


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Large Open Workplace

When staff are stuffed into tight quarters and are sitting shoulder to shoulder next to their colleagues, not only does the workplace feel claustrophobic, but everyone gets frustrated because they feel like they’re in each other’s personal space.

A number of businesses such as VARC Solutions have found that moving to a larger office space where their staff can spread out has made a huge difference to company morale and overall productivity. So if it’s within your budget to do so, consider moving to a bigger office to give your staff room to move.

But you don’t always need to move offices to achieve the feeling of having more space. Some clever space-saving design can save the day. This could involve merely rearranging furniture or changing the shape and size of your office desks.

Too many businesses also have boardrooms that aren’t big enough to hold all their staff members. A more substantial conference room where everyone can meet will be another huge benefit, as it’s a simple way to make everyone feel included within your organisation.

Embrace the Outdoors

Many tech firms are embracing outdoor workspaces with 40% harnessing such environments to help their employees thrive. Having extended exposure amongst nature has shown to improve outcomes on creative and problem-solving tasks and also helps to boost productivity overall.

To make this idea work for your business, consider creating a rec space outside where staff can enjoy their lunch break in the sunlight. But you don’t necessarily have to be outside to gain these benefits. Try bringing some of the outdoors in by filling your office with plants or letting in natural light with large open glass windows.

Common Areas

Having common areas that suit a variety of functions gives your employees access to facilities and spaces beyond their desk that they can spend time in. From conference rooms with audiovisual equipment and a games room for letting loose, to fully fitted out kitchens for making nutritious lunches and casual dining areas where your staff can relax over lunch. One or more of these spaces will turn your office into so much more than a place to work. It will also become a place your employees can live, relax and learn in too.

Cheerful Décor

Think motivational quotes, artwork that’s light, bright and cheerful as well as charming and quirky decorations. Anything that adds personality and life into the workplace is a big plus on the happiness scale for your employees. Lighter brighter colours will always help to put people in a good mood, no matter where they are, while dark and dull tones tend to do the opposite.

But do make sure that any décor or artwork you choose is on brand. The look in your office should be seamless, cohesive and perfectly reflect the type of office culture you hope to nourish within your company.

Get your Employees Involved

People are far more invested in something when they have directly impacted its outcome, and the same goes for anything you implement in the workplace.

Futurist and business consultant Rex Miller agrees that getting employees involved in the office design process aligns directly with office culture. He believes that a ‘social and engaging process creates a social and engaging environment. Successful change needs to involve everyone concerned.’

If your employees are allowed to offer real input into the design and aesthetic of your office, not only will they appreciate it more, but they’ll be proud of it and feel happier working in the space they helped bring to life.

Create a Space Your Employees Will Enjoy with Future Fitouts

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