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Top Office Desk Organization Ideas

Do you have trouble keeping your office desk tidy and organised? Well, we have some good news for you: you CAN turn that bad habit around and create a functional and tidy workspace with these office desk organization ideas! Not only can an untidy desk make it hard to find things you need when you need them, but the mess can also be distracting for you – and you may even get judged by other colleagues and clients.

The struggle is real, and many of you probably think the task of cleaning your desk is far too daunting even to attempt. And then once it was clean, what would stop you from just messing it up again? But believe us when we say it CAN be done, and it’s a habit you can maintain once you know the right office organization tips to get there.

1.   Everything Has Its Place

First on our list of office desk organization ideas is that you need to map out just where everything should rightfully go in your space. It’s very hard to stay organised and tidy if the items on your desk don’t have a designated place to go. The iconic image of an untidy desk usually involves piles of papers stacked up and stationery sprawled across your desk, but this can all easily be avoided if you have the appropriate storage and stationery holders available.

Every stationery store will sell a wide array of holders and organisers for pens, post-it notes, erasers and more. Not only does this help transform your unordered desk, but it also makes it easier to find everything.

If paper is becoming a problem, stack those documents in binders, filing cabinets or tabletop document holders to put them in their place. It’s also an important office organization tips to make sure those files are arranged in order so you can easily find them again, and you can achieve this with minimal hassle by including dividers with appropriate labels.

2.    Keep the Essentials

The second of our office desk organization ideas is about finding out (and hanging onto) the meat & potatoes of your workspace. Do you have a pile of documents on your desk that you don’t really need anymore, but you’re holding on to them just in case you need them again one day? Sometimes we hold on to things for longer than we should, but in most cases, if you haven’t touched those documents in months, it’s probably time to throw them out!

If you’re still worried about throwing out a document you may need at a later date, scan it before you chuck it, so you will always have an electronic version of it saved.

Just like documents, some of us also hoard stationery. After throwing out any broken or used up pens and highlighters, if you still have a large collection of stationery you would like to keep and intend to use, only ‘must have’ office supplies you use every day should be kept on your desk within arm’s reach. Everything else should be tucked away in drawers.

3.    Take Out the Trash

Many of us have a stash of snacks somewhere on or near our desk for when we’re peckish, or we may even eat lunch at our desk if it’s a busy day, but not all of us are great at cleaning up after ourselves after having a bite to eat. Perhaps that lolly wrapper or crisps packet has been sitting on your desk a little longer than it should?

Having your own waste paper basket at your desk is one of the simplest office organization tips which is bound to help! Having a bin within arm’s reach means that you’re more likely to throw out that trash immediately rather than leaving it on your desk.

4.    Messy Cables

Is the back of your desk littered with coiled and tangled cables from your computer and phone? Having electric cables on or around your desk is something that can’t be helped, but at least you can make sure those cables are in order and look neater when directed to the power outlet.

One of the easiest and cheapest office organization tips to manage those computer cables is by using medium to large sized bulldog clips or Velcro strips to keep each cable bound together, so they look much tidier. There are also many cable management devices available that can help you organise your cables and label them, so you know exactly what each cable is used for.

5.    A Clear Space

One of the biggest benefits of our office desk organization ideas is all the free desk space you will have to do your work. There should always be a clear space available on your desk for whenever you need to read, review or sign something. Not only is an abundance of clear space immensely practical, but the simplicity of a clear desk free of clutter also looks great.

6.    Maintain a Clean Desk

Now that your desk is looking clean and tidy, it’s time to make the process of keeping it clean a regular habit – whether that means doing a quick tidy up just before you leave work each day or setting aside a few minutes every Friday. To set your new cleaning habit into stone, consider setting a calendar reminder. It’s the best way to stay on task!

From a Tidy Desk to an Organised Office

An organised desk helps you get more work done, but if you want to take things one step further, you could also fix up your entire office and turn it into an appealing, organised and functional workplace that’s above all our office desk organization ideas.

Turn to our Brisbane office fitout team at Future Fitouts if you’d like to implement a office design and fitout that will go above and beyond our office organization tips! Speak to Future Fitouts today by calling 1300 368 461 or get in touch online!

Updated: 12/01/2022