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Office Makeover on a Budget – 5 Little Wins to Transform an Office Space

In need of an office transformation to increase office productivity and improve your team’s health and wellbeing? Whether you’re waiting for the slow season to complete your office fitout, or just need some little transformative wins until next year’s budget; You’ll be glad to hear that an office makeover on a budget is entirely possible! In this week’s featured blog, we look at some ways you can transform your office space on a budget, that can be achieved quickly, and are highly effective.

5 Little Wins for an Office Makeover on a Budget

1.   Open up your space with a decluttering

The simple office transformation of decluttering your office can make your office feel more spacious, provides a feeling of airiness, and has even been shown to reduce stress levels and improve productivity. Sometimes less is more, and over a busy year, it’s easy for our offices and individual workspaces to become cluttered with the paperwork and tasks that slowly build-up on us.

Tips for a decluttering

File important paperwork as soon as tasks are completed, shred unnecessary paperwork, and even better, consider going paperless to promote sustainability in the workplace. Have a good look around your office, is there anything that doesn’t need to be there? Consider removing unnecessary furniture and fixings that are crowding your office space. Regular decluttering is a quick and easy way to achieve a simple office makeover on a budget.       

2.   Bring nature into your office

Studies have shown that by bringing in natural elements into the workplace environment, employee perceived stress and generalised health concerns decreased. This can be something as simple as leaving the blinds open all day to allow more direct sunlight into the office space, or having the team eat lunch outside instead of at the employee cafeteria. Investing in some hardy indoor plants will also bring a little green into your workspace which provides a calming effect and can reduce office associated stress.   

3.   Lighting matters

The right lighting in your office environment can improve productivity and reduce further problems such as headaches and eye strain on your team. Striking a balance between natural light from big windows and lighting fixtures is an important part of any office transformation.

Our lighting tips

  • Choose overhead lighting rather than free-standing lighting. Overhead lighting reduces shadowing and takes far less space than the free-standing kind, which also aids with your decluttering efforts!
  • Using natural light where possible will not only help reduce your power consumption, but exposure to natural light over artificial light has been linked to higher levels of concentration and short-term memory recall.
  • Replace flickering lights as soon as possible! If there’s a stubborn light fixture in your office that won’t stop flickering, consider changing the entire fixture sooner rather than later. Flickering lights could trigger possible epileptic seizures among other health associated risks.
  • Finally, consider the demographics of your team, older employees will generally need a much brighter type of light to work effectively. Ensure your entire team has the right lighting they need to excel in their environment.

4.   A fresh coat of paint

Psychologists have long believed that colour has a significant effect on our mood, motivation, and productivity. Lighter blues are often associated with calmness, greens with nature and tranquility, and reds with passion, energy, and determination. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders in an office transformation by boosting team creativity and productivity and even strengthening the brand association. Take the opportunity to involve your team in the decision-making process by voting and choosing colours that the majority of employees will like. An office space that has been transformed with the input a team, will be one that everyone wants and loves to work in.

Need a fresh coat of paint? At Future Fitouts, our in-house team specialise in fast turnarounds for office re-painting and can even work out-of-hours to minimise disruption to your business operations. For a fresh coat of paint for your office makeover on a budget, get in touch with our team today.   

5.   Ergonomics for improved health

Ergonomics is the science of creating a workspace that is tailored to an individual’s needs to maximise the health and productivity benefits of your team. In the modern office, there’s no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to workstations, office chairs, and equipment. Instead, opt to incorporate ergonomic design and workstations into your office space. Consider the individual needs of each employee and fitout your office with furniture that will best satisfy their needs so that they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. Improving ergonomic design with an office fitout is one office transformation you can make on a smaller budget that can have significant returns on your initial investment.    

Looking for more office makeover on a budget tips for your office transformation today? Get in touch with the Future Fitouts team today for office fitouts that transform spaces into places your team wants to and loves to work for.