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Office Organisation Tips

Offices are filled with bundles of wires, heaps of paper, and stacks of shelves and cabinets. All of these can easily overflow, become disorganised, and clutter up the workspace which makes office organisation tips important. A nicely organised workspace is pleasant to look at, lowers stress, boost efficiency and can even impact team behaviour too. A properly organised office will aid in making the company culture your staff needs to achieve their goals.

In this article, our office design and fitout team looks at some office organisation tips and solutions to aid in tidying your workspace. Future Fitouts is here to help your business implement these ideas that range from light touch office organisation solutions to more substantial decisions and office refurbishments.

8 Office Organisation Tips

Minimizing excessive noise and distractions is important in the modern office. Our team delves into some creative, straightforward and easy actions to take that will help improve your office acoustics.

1.   The power of habits

Spend 10-15 minutes at the end of the day to spruce up and declutter your desk and work area. Tidy up the loose bits and file things appropriately. Don’t forget to carry this idea into your digital spaces as well.

2.   Bin it!

Of the many office organisation tips that are effective, this is one of the most powerful. Take stock of the things in your office and consider their usefulness. Consider items in each area. When were they used last? Are they broken or worn down? If something hasn’t been used in a long time, consider throwing it out. Replace that shabby furniture with something new or refurbished.

3.   Clean-up and Reassign

Another one of our top office organisation solutions is to reorganise. While you’re taking stock of your desk or office consider the flow of things in those areas. Keep commonly used items in places that can be quickly accessed.

Use a two-zone approach to organise your desk. Zone 1 is the area where the majority of your work takes place. Zone 2 is for everything else. It can be the same desk but is empty of cables and electronics and can be used for filing, organising, or any other work that does not require a computer.

4.   Hide those cables

There is no way around it. The modern office is filled with desktops, monitors, phones, and chargers. Use cord cable concealers to hide the array of cables in your office and keep them in a well-ordered state.

5.   I see labels everywhere!

Labels are an efficient and flexible resource. They are critical to keeping your paper filing system organised. The system can be based on the alphabet, colours, or numbers whichever is most effective for you!

6.   Stuffing your stuff into stuff

Your files will need to be stored somewhere. Any well-designed office filing system will need to be efficient and easy to use. Shelves and filing cabinets come in a variety of styles that are nice to look at, handy, and will keep your workspace well organised.

7.   Rearrange the office

The more involved step to reassigning, rearranging the office can have a big impact on the comfort and efficiency of your team. Take a cue from urban space planning and make a map of your office. Your employees need more than just a desk. They need to talk, work, eat, and relax. Having areas designed for those functions can smooth out the foot traffic, make doing work easier and improve morale.

8.   Going digital

Paper files are comforting. It’s nice to have something to hold and read from something other than a screen. However, they do take up loads of space and over time their storage and maintenance can be costly. Consider converting your paper files to digital ones and store them on the cloud.

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