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The Art of Office Space Planning

Working with a specific amount of space can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to plan a smart layout for multiple people to utilise. In this day and age, creating a functional yet convenient office space is imperative for the productivity, wellbeing, and comfort of your employees – regardless of the industry you happen to work in. In this blog, we break down smart office space planning, what you need to take into consideration, the ins, and outs, and how to do it just right.

Important Considerations of Office Space Planning

Total Available Space

Despite the size of your office – whether it’s an entire floor, one room, or a whole building, it’s important you account for the total available space that you’re working with. This is generally expressed as total square meterage, and will help you to determine limitations, flexibility, and set parameters for making decisions moving forward. Rolling out the blueprints for your space will give you a create visual for what’s available to you. One step better? Create a copy and use markets to pin point specific locations of choice, areas that can not be altered, and new zones that can be created with a touch of imagination.

Floor Plans Done Right

Working with a number of people means you need to be careful with the flow of your new floorplan. Much like planning a new kitchen, you need to be smart with the way in which people navigate their workspace. It might come across as a really simplistic thing to plan out, but realistically, convenience of flow is everything, and can be a real dealbreaker if not done right. Something called ‘active design’ is used to promote physical activity – when you implement the right flow for your office dynamic, it’s going to encourage movement, convenience, and flexibility through your office.

Remember the Design Concept

Similar to your floor plan, ensure you’re taking into consideration a design concept that is going to work best for your business and your culture. If your company takes pride in collaboration, then an open and shared workspace is paramount. Think of coworking zones, boardrooms, smaller meeting room pods, sitting areas and so on to induce a sense of teamwork and connectivity. If your team appreciate more of an individualised working environment, smaller rooms, cubicles, or individual desk situations may assist with your team feeling structured, organised, productive and private in what they do.

Don’t Forget Fixed Features

When we discussed the blueprint for your office space in the beginning of this blog, we foreshadowed the importance of spaces that can not be amended. In this sense, bathrooms, kitchens, server rooms, entryways and so on fall into that category. That doesn’t mean that those spaces also cannot get a face lift or be factored into the flow of a new design. Just remember that these locations will have a big impact on the finished product of your working environment, so need to be planned accordingly, and creatively.

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Creative Office Space Planning with Future Fitouts

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