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Office Space Planning

Creating a modern and comfortable office layout plan is important for a number of reasons including your employees, your clients, and the overall productivity. It’s imperative to create a layout that’s easy to navigate, enjoyable to work in, inviting, and doesn’t have the feeling of being closed in a box. When it comes to design and construction, now more than ever, anything is possible.

In this article, we talk about our top tips for convenient office space planning and how to design a beneficial office layout that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Top tips for an office layout plan

Designated office zones

Creating designated zones within an office space will allow employees the opportunity to become more productive with their work and schedules. Whether it’s by creating a relaxed break room where they can engage and collaborate or specified zones where they can go to get work done in peace, implementing these areas within the office can give your staff the ability to get work done to its full capacity.

Colour and mood

Don’t underestimate the psychology of colour. When it comes to painting your space, it’s important to keep in mind that employees are working in this area day in and day out, which is why the painting process is one of most importance. The colour you decide to paint your office will determine the mood and emotion of each person that spends time there and this is why we encourage colour palettes that are light, bright, and create a more open atmosphere. You want to focus on colours that inspire, motivate, and uplift your employees and visitors, rather than using tones that are dull and flat.

Take advantage of natural lighting

There’s nothing worse than bathing under fluorescent lighting all day long. By taking advantage of the natural lighting within your office layout plan, your space will feel more inviting, fresher, and you won’t need to depend so much on artificial lighting. Not only is this a great move for the energy in the office, but it helps keep your staff connected to the outdoors and brings the outside in.

Incorporate nature and greenery

Much like the psychology of colour, nature has a great effect on people’s mental health and wellbeing. Depending on the capacity of your office space planning, you can plan to implement nature to many extents, including, installing a green wall, adding large potted plants in designated spots, indoor gardens, or going the extra mile and adding an atrium to your fitout. The possibilities with nature are endless yet promote concentration, reduce stress, inspire creativity, and freshens the air quality.

Ample storage without causing clutter

Working in an office means storage is a must-have and adding these zones may seem difficult without professional help. Mounting cubed shelving units on the walls of the office automatically removes the need for any drawers or shelving that sit on the floor – this reduces clutter immensely and gives the illusion of having a more open spaced office. This also encourages employees to stand up and move around which is important for those who work long hours in an office. Another idea is to incorporate a niche or recessed wall storage, removing the need for any materials to be sitting on the outside of the walls, creating an open space.

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