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Online Meeting Tips to Make Client Calls a Breeze

Client calls play a crucial role in business relationships and successful communication. To ensure conversations remain productive and effective, it is essential for office professionals to prepare beforehand. This doesn’t refer to simply equipment, but surroundings also play a crucial role.

In this blog, we explore tactical online meeting tips for getting ready for client phone calls in an office setting. We cover not only the basics, but also dive into the principles of office design and layout that can facilitate an optimal environment and atmosphere for efficient client calls and communication.


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Preparing with Online Meeting Tips

Find a Quiet & Private Space

One of the most important things during client communication is ensuring there are no surrounding distractions, or noise. It’s essential to find a secluded, quiet, and private space within your office, so that you can hear and understand the client, and they can understand you equally. This also creates an atmosphere for confidential conversations – i.e. a board room, meeting room, or small office room with thicker walls for soundproofing.

Plan Ahead & Set Expectations

Take time beforehand (at least a few days, or even as soon as the meeting is set) to plan what the call entails, what you’re going to discuss, questions you need to ask, and things you need to follow up on. Setting clear objectives and expectations in advance will ensure that your conversation flows smoothly and that you get the answers and information required to make your life, and their life, easier.

Optimise Lighting & Acoustics

It may not seem as imperative as other virtual meeting tips, but having good enough lighting and acoustics will make your online meetings much more efficient. Not being able to see the person on your screen can make meetings feel a little awkward, and this goes for sound quality as well. At the end of the day, you both want to be able to see and hear one another clearly. A well lit area with natural light or LEDs is convenient, which also provokes alertness. Proper acoustics are equally important to minimise echoes or sound distortions, allowing for clear and professional communication.

Maintain a Clean & Professional Workspace

A clean and organised space also reflects professionalism when involved in an online meeting. Keep your desk clutter-free and remove anything that could be a possible distraction at the time. This also goes for documentation that is unrelated to the client. Having a zone that’s clean and organised also minimises the risk of stress, creating a positive impression on your client when in the online meeting.

Use Visual Aids

Utilise the visual aids to your advantage – these virtual meeting tips are in reference to screen sharing, presentation slides, Google Docs, and any other visuals on hand. This allows you to better demonstrate concepts, share and elaborate on data, collaborate on projects in real time, and foster effective communication and client engagement.

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Looking to Utilise More of Your Office Space?

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