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Open Offices vs. Cubicles vs. Private Offices

If you are trying to design a new office space for your business or present ideas to your boss to improve your work environment then you will need to weigh up between open offices, cubicles, and private offices. We delve into the different office design arrangements ranging from open office vs cubicle only layouts to cubicles vs private offices.

Over the years, the way we work, as well our office design has significantly evolved. From the early days, with open space filled with rows of desks where managers can sit & observe from their offices and separated offices space was only for “intellectual work” to the giant fabric-wrapped cubicles in the 1980’s, office designs are constantly revolutionising and adapting to our new ways of working and living.

As office designs continually unfold with the rise of technology, need for creative spaces and taking care of employee’s wellbeing and mental health, we are once again shifting the way we want to design our office spaces.
So, what is really better…Open office vs cubicle vs private offices?

Open Office vs Cubicle Spaces

Open office spaces are an easy way to encourage workers to collaborate and interact with one another. By doing so, they can have meaningful engagement throughout their day to not only create more productivity but also to assist in positive mental health. When considering an open office plan, try to opt for a dynamic layout that caters for different types of workers, both the social butterflies and those who are introverted.

There are many benefits when it comes to open layouts for office spaces. They remove the ability for workers to slack off as everyone is motivated from others being able to watch what they’re up to. Open office spaces also urge companies to create group projects and meetings with specific rooms designed with whiteboards, lounge areas and long tables where creativity and collaboration can thrive.

When it comes to cubicle styled workplaces, employees can have a space that is only theirs where they are able to work in peace with less noise and distractions and can decorate their nook the way they’d like. By improving their privacy, we’re allowing an increase in productivity and giving the employee a sense of ownership (for example having a storage cabinet to keep their documents or snacks).

Perhaps it shouldn’t be a matter of open office vs cubicle, but more a mixture of both so that different people with different work styles and personalities can feel at ease and able to work to the best of their abilities. By incorporating a smart, functional, and aesthetically pleasing office interior design, you’ll allow for areas purely for collaboration as well as individual space. Thus, providing a modernised take on both the cubicle style and open office layout.

Cubicle vs Private Offices

Now to throw an alternative option into the mix. Private offices obviously establish a form of respect but also a safe space to discuss private topics and to work productively alone or with others. When comparing cubicles vs private offices, the latter has the advantage of providing opportunities for employees to feel a sense of accomplishment and to not feel so enclosed.

As the advantages for cubicles have already been laid out, it’s important to consider the benefits of the various types of office layouts when planning. Nowadays, fuelled by our fast-paced lifestyles, a shift in the way we like to work and the advancement of technology, our office design is also a factor that requires the need to adapt. In this new era, we are drawing inspiration from our homes with warmer colours, natural lighting and soft seats and décor.

Allowing flexible and adaptable workplaces, is a necessary requirement of many organisations to allow staff to be productive and creative at the same time. By considering private, open space as well as collaborative coworking areas or shared offices, companies will be able to enforce social distancing measures as well as considering a variety of their employees needs and wants.

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