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Pets in the Workplace

Pets in the Workplace – Science or Novelty?

Pets in the workplace are increasingly more popular, accepted, and at times even expected. People are passionate about their animal companions and modern employers’ can even factor in pet policies to their employment decisions and appreciate dog friendly workplaces. Recently, employers have paid attention to the desires of their staff with companies such as Amazon, Google, and (unsurprisingly) Purina incorporating friendly pets in the workplace policies. While some may consider pets in the workplace just a novelty, is there actually any science and positive benefits of bringing pets to work? If you are considering allowing pets at work and need an office fitout that is pet friendly please get in touch

Pets in the Workplace – Benefits and Considerations

Well-being and nature

Mental and social well-being are becoming more and more important to modern society with depression and other mental health disorders affecting wellness and productivity. A 2006 study showcased the benefits of being in contact with nature. Spending time in parks and with animals created contact with nature that resulted in tangible long term health benefits.. The interaction between pets in the workplace and employees is beneficial for the pets too. Instead of being alone, they get to socialize with other people and potentially other pets.

All together now

Dog friendly workplaces are more cohesive and cooperative. According to this paper, groups containing dogs exhibited better cooperation, communication, and enthusiasm. Companion dogs helped people to work more efficiently. Dogs enhance morale and are frequently viewed as friendly and can bring people together. However, this interaction needs to be carefully balanced as pets can potentially lead to distractions between co-workers and some employees may be afraid or allergic to them. Additionally, dogs in the workplace may have the undesired consequence of alienating those who dislike pets..

Company engagement

A 2018 study demonstrated that companies with friendly pet policies ‘attract, engage, and retain’ more employees than non-pet friendly businesses. Workers employed in these companies were also more likely to stay longer too. Non-pet owners and pet-owners alike agreed on that point. Moreover, the relationship between an employee and their boss was reported as positive by three times as many employees at pro-pet workplaces as non-pet friendly workplaces. Absenteeism was also lower in companies that allowed pets at work.

Boosts creativity

Dog friendly workplaces naturally promote getting up to move and walk around. Pets and their owners need to move about for bathroom breaks and food. Walking about improves creativity and health so having a pet at work compels the owner to get moving. Pet owners do need to be mindful of their time though. Too many walks can waste time and decrease efficiency.

Financial savings

Having your pet at work helps your motivation, mental health, and can even result to cost savings. Working at the office takes up a good portion of the day and being able to keep a pet at work means an employee need to pay for such things as a pet walking agency or pet day-care. These services can be expensive, so being able to have your pet at work means more savings at the end of the month. The financial savings of bringing pets to work needs to also be carefully weighed against any potential damage that they might cause.. Accidents happen to even the most well-behaved pets.

Want to Learn More?

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