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Effective Reception Design

A reception area is a client or customers first impression of your business, so it’s important to make it a pleasant and memorable experience. A friendly receptionist is crucial as your first point of contact but a well thought out reception design helps streamline the whole customer journey from start to end. It represents your business and gives clients and customers an idea of what they can expect when they communicate with your staff.

Our team of office interior design professionals specialise in creating reception areas that wow and impress. For custom reception design solutions for your business, get in touch with Future Fitouts today. Or read our reception design guide below for some reception area design ideas.

Reception area design ideas

Choose the right reception desk

It goes without saying that the reception desk will be the focal point of the room, so consideration and care should be taken when choosing one. Aside from a style that will match the look of your brand, things such as eyelines and accessibility should also be noted. This is particularly important if you’re a practice that regularly deals with children or people with disabilities. For people behind the desk, consider a solution with appropriate shelving space and areas for cables.

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Choose neutral colours

Colour is often the first thing a person notices about a room, so consider a neutral colour scheme for a reception area. Medical receptions for example, often choose colours such as creams and soft blues as they convey a feeling of tranquility. Of course, if your business’s brand has a strong focus on vibrance and personality i.e a creative agency, you might want to incorporate a colour scheme that packs more of a bunch. As we’ve touched on before, the psychology of colours can be useful when thinking about coloured walls for your reception design. For a powerful impact, consider a bold colour like red or yellow. To exclude wealth and class, colours such as black, silver and touches of leather are a perfect choice.


If your reception design area is looking a little drab, or there’s a little bit too much fluorescent lighting going on, consider changing your lighting scheme for a more welcoming look. You can choose to make the lighting features a central design or opt for soft, warm lighting to illuminate a windowless space. If your reception area does have natural light, be sure to rearrange your furniture to allow the most sunlight to enter in.

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Easy to navigate layout

If you’ve got a large reception area, you want to make the pathway to the desk as clear and simple as possible. At the same time, there should be a clear line of sight where the main reception area is, so guests don’t feel confused and lost. Wayfinding can be created using signage, but a good reception layout should be intuitive. Consider the customer journey when designing a pathway to your reception and the possible confusion points along the way. This is especially important if a guest must enter a lift to get to your office as signage is crucial.

Comfortable seating

One of the important aspects reception area designs should undoubtedly be comfortable, available seating. A reception area should look sophisticated and comfortable, and a good seating arrangement can reflect this. Consider investing in the help of an office furniture company or fitout company to help you find the right furniture. A fitout company will be able to source your seating furniture that not only looks beautiful but has durable enough material to withstand wear and tear from traffic. If you’re in the medical field, consider looking at bacteria resistant furniture or seating that is easy to wipe down.


Get clever with your reception wall design

A reception wall design certainly doesn’t have to be boring, so consider trying something different than a lick of paint. you could opt for some geometric prints, mosaic tiles, plantscaping, beautiful panelled wood or even a water feature if you’re feeling adventurous.


Though we don’t recommend splashing your logo on every possible bit of white space, we recommend allocating either an area to display your logo where guests can see it upon entering. Consider incorporating your company colour scheme throughout the reception area, whether it be a splash of minimal colour or something more dramatic. Your company logo should be clearly visible and high quality and make for a focal point of the room. If a simple paint job doesn’t quite reflect the personality of your brand, you could opt for something more striking in your reception design such as back lights or glass.

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For more reception area ideas get in contact with Future Fitouts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and tricks to creating a beautiful reception area designs that clients will love. If you’d like to build a beautiful reception area that will elevate the image of your brand, please contact our team at Future Fitouts and one of our reception area designs professionals will be in touch shortly. You call us on 1300 368 561 or request a proposal here.