Talisha Jasper

Contract Administrator | Future Fitouts


Contract Administrator

(Projects Administration Station)

6 years of project administrative experience within the retail shopfitting industry, ready for a new challenge!

Why I love being part of the Future Fitouts Team

The culture! I love being part of such a positive and vibrant team.

I’m proud of achieving

I am proud of uplifting my life at 21 for a 2-year working visa in the UK which led me to continually push myself out of my comfort zone and grow as a person.

Three things I’m grateful for

  • My health
  • My supportive family and friends
  • My strength to adapt when things get tough

Personal interests outside of Future Fitouts

I am an avid F45er (It’s not a cult… I swear) but in true peacock fashion I love to socialise. I enjoy entertaining, trying new restaurants, attending musical theatre, comedy shows, concerts and meeting new people.
But I do really love a chill beach day, sun, surf, music, and a book!