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The Importance of Natural Light in the Office

The value of natural office lighting is a commonly discussed subject amongst team members, executives, and property managers. A survey of 250,000 companies reported more than 70% of workers stated natural light as an important feature in the workplace. The requirements of modern life see an average worker spend more than five and a half hours at their desk every day under the glare of commercial office lighting. The lack of exposure to natural light in the office impacts a range of topics such as physical and mental health, finances, and the layout of an office. Companies are carefully considering their location and fitout options to maximise natural light.

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The Benefits of Natural Office Lighting

Having access to sunlight creates a positive feedback loop with multiple benefits for your business. Taking care of the health of your team members helps maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation. This commitment can help increase employee retention and makes your organisation more appealing to new workers.

Health Advantages

Our environment directly affects our bodies and behaviour; exposure to sunlight triggers a variety of positive responses. Chief among these is our ability to get a healthy amount of sleep. Natural light in the office maintains regulation of the hormones managing our sleep-wake cycle. By contrast, modern office lighting frequently over saturates people with blue light that our bodies interpret as a signal to stay alert and refreshed. This erodes our sleep and awareness patterns which can lead to poor health and productivity.

Additionally, sunlight provides an easy and natural way for our bodies to generate vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for optimal health since it helps the body create and maintain strong bones. Sunlight has also been reported to reduce eye strain, decrease drowsiness, improve moods, and help people make fewer mistakes.


Commercial office lighting can lead to higher occurrences of absenteeism due to illnesses brought about by constant exposure to blue light. The sleep disturbances caused by blue light diminish the body’s ability to protect itself which can lead to more illness. Having team members consistently call-in sick can strongly hamper your businesses efficiency.


Natural office lighting decreases the need for electric lighting during the sunny parts of the day, thus lowering energy costs. Businesses save money and have a positive morale boosting effect on team members who are environmentally conscious.

Property managers can benefit from the increased desire for natural light in the office as well. Properties that have more natural light can demand higher rates. However, not every space is designed for optimal sunlight and may require a fitout to take full advantage.

Fitouts That Serve You

Future Fitouts works with every sector of the business to provide an engaging and uplifting environment to work in. We can help increase the natural office lighting in your workspace with a creative and stylish fitout that meets your lighting challenges.

Access more natural light through the use of skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows, a great solution for open offices where light doesn’t reach the centre desks. Repaint the office in light matte colours to create a brighter relaxing environment that absorbs glare. Install lighting that mimics the spectrum of natural daylight to reduce prolonged exposure to blue light. These are a few of the options Future Fitouts can use to help you intensify the power of your team through a better workplace.

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