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Trends in Coworking Spaces

In the business world, trends in coworking spaces have seen a rapid increase over the last few years and with covid coming in full-swing across the globe, it’s becoming even more evident in the workplace. Coworking is essentially shared working environments with employees of different companies. This is a cost effective way to maintain rent and allows employees to develop working relationships within and outside of their company.

During the pandemic, human interaction was limited, and with restrictions easing all over the world, coworking trends are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the community environment, flexibility in working schedules, and networking opportunities.

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Benefits & Trends in Coworking Spaces


One of the benefits that come with coworking spaces is the sense of community. Being around a group of people where your occupations differ means there’s always something new, and something different. Community is an imperative part of the workspace as it keeps people motivated and brings a notion of working efficiently.


Being surrounded by driven people is known to boost employee productivity, which is one of the reasons why coworking trends are on the rise. With so many people in a working space, the energy within the office rarely dies down. This is great for keeping the workplace productive and efficient in completing work to their deadlines.


As humans, social interaction is an important part of our physical and mental health, and the isolation during the pandemic has proven this even more so to be true. Interacting with other people gives us the opportunity to progress with our learning, form bonds, and transform the way we think and perceive things during our daily activities.

Office Designs in Coworking Space Trends

With coworking trends becoming even more evident in the business world, the design and layout of office buildings are transforming to accommodate. Whether you’re looking for a large and open plan office space, or something small and convenient, its beneficial to engage a company that knows exactly how to bring your design to life.

Open Plan Office Space

For an open place office, it’s important to create zones that will suit the working desires of all your employees. With the added space that an open plan environment provides, you can dedicate specific sections to collaborative working, individual working, and team gatherings.

This will give your employees the opportunity to work together if they prefer it, work individually if they have priority tasks, and also allow a space for meetings to be conducted in conference style.

Seating Diversity

Comfort is key, especially when it comes to office jobs. We all understand that working in an office means you’re sitting down more than you’re on your feet – but with the future of office jobs transforming, there is so much room to implement diversified seating arrangements, including standing/elevated desks. Furniture and its placement play a huge role on worker productivity, which is why so many people enjoy working from home. It’s important to create a functional yet comfortable space for employees, with easy navigation around the office while keeping things minimal. Less it more.

Social Aspects

One of the most evident trends in coworking spaces are the kitchens. Kitchens bring people together whether it’s at work or at home, and although coworking brings an interactive and collaborative aspect to an office, implementing a kitchen gives workers a space to forget about work, and interact casually during the day. Not only does this boost productivity, but it gives employees time to regenerate and catch up.

Who Uses Coworking Spaces?

Coworking space trends suggest that common businesses who use the coworking strategy are predominantly start-ups, small to medium businesses, along with freelancing communities. Companies that hold 50 to 100 people are known to utilise coworking spaces more so than businesses with a larger employee base, as this allows for streamlined managing techniques and easier ways for workers to interact on a smaller scale.

With coworking proving to be a flexible and economical solution for businesses, these spaces will continue to house a multitude of industries ranging from creative, digital, finance and technology.

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