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Types of Office Partitions

When creating an office fitout, you want to utilise as much of the available space as you can without creating inconvenience or unwarranted clutter. Office partitions can be a great way to divide your office into designated work zones without needing to build any permanent walls that take up extra space and can’t be shifted. Partitions are available in a variety of styles and types, making it simple for you to find the right fit for your new office with the practicality of being able to customise your space as you please.

In this blog, we’ve gathered a list of the best types of office partitions suitable for any office fitout so that you don’t have to go searching for what you need.

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Types of Office Partitions

Glass Partitions

One of the most classic types of office partitions is the glass partition. Very common across office fitouts, these partitions come with aluminium frames or even frameless, floor to ceiling height or half-height. These partitions are typically used to create a streamlined look to an office space as they become ‘invisible’ to the eye. These partitions also allow a lot of natural light to brighten the space, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and they reduce noise from the exterior.

Cubicle Partitions

The office cubicle is another common partition that is designed to create optimal privacy for zones where employees can better focus on their tasks. Cubicles are a very basic half-height partition with four walls and are a great way to customise the available space within your office fitout. Whether you have fluctuating staff, or your office needs a bit of a change, cubicle partitions are able to suit a majority of layouts.

Portable Office Dividers

Moveable or portable office dividers are the most cost effective and versatile types of office partitions. Designed specifically to be moved around a space with ease, these free-standing dividers can be moved according to your expectations and are great for temporary use. Though the noise reduction isn’t at the level of other partitions, they do offer physical privacy. If you find yourself needing makeshift dividers more often than not, portable office dividers will do the trick.

Demountable Office Partitions

Perfect for rented office spaces, demountable office partitions can be attached to the wall and used to section off specific areas of your office without the need to install permanent floor to ceiling partitions. Usually light in weight in comparison to other partitions, and even mounted on wheels, these dividers can slide back like a sliding door would when they aren’t in use or if you simply need more space in the office. The best thing about these partitions is that there is no risk of them falling over thanks to the fixtures against the wall that gives added stability.

Accordion Wall Partitions

Also known as folding office screens, these partitions are incredibly cost-effective, versatile, and can be configured as you please. Designed with fully articulating hinges between each panel, these screens can be manipulated to fit any space within your office and moved around with changes in your layout. Lightweight and mounted on wheels, these partitions can be folded together and stored away with ease when they are no longer needed and don’t take up a whole lot of space when in storage.

Benefits of Office Partitions

There are plenty of benefits that come with utilising office partitions within your office fitout. Whether you have a smaller working zone and don’t have the space to create permanent, designated micro-offices or you simply prefer to use portable and configurable partitions for convenience, there are an array of benefits of office partitions that come in every style. It all comes down to what you need, and what will be convenient for your specific work zone. Office partitions can:

  • Promotes a quiet office environment
  • Add storage opportunities for employees
  • Keeps things looking seamless and clean
  • Are easy to install and remove
  • Reduces exterior noise and distractions
  • Glass partitions reduce the need for artificial lighting
  • Configurable and portable depending on your needs

At Future Fitouts, we work closely with you and your team to design an office fitout that is suitable to the way you want your business to look and feel. We offer complete commercial and industrial fitout solutions and work with industry professionals to ensure the your office partitions are built to quality standards. We aim to make the process easy and hassle-free from beginning to end and want you to be both pleased and impressed with your brand new fitout.

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