Top Office Fitout Ideas and Tips

Top Office Fitout Ideas and Tips

Office Fitout Ideas

Office fitouts can be a daunting experience with all the different variables from the time needed to plan your office fitout, to ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment. Your next office fitout can however be an exciting time for your business to redesign the functionality and aesthetics of your office space. With almost a decade of delivering quality offices, shops, and commercial spaces to our clients across a range of different industries Future Fitouts has found some top office fitout ideas and tips that will help you plan your next office fitout project. Continue reading for small office fitout ideas and tips.

Teamwork and Planning

All office fitout ideas begin with the careful planning necessary to ensure that your office fitout is completed according your vision and plan the first time around. Successful office fitout project management relies on the close working relationship with your office fitout project manager. Brainstorm what fundamental inclusions your new office requires. Create a list of ‘must haves’ and ‘optional additions’. Involve your team members so that they can be part of the process. This encourages teamwork and they may even provide valuable input into a ‘must-have’ that you might have missed.

Space and Colour

Take into account the space you are working with. In the beginning an empty office may look vast, but once you start adding in furniture, a board room, a kitchen and more, the wide space will quickly seem small. Consider the footprint of each addition to your office when planning out office fitout ideas. Having that twenty-four seat conference table, professional Italian coffee machine or large designer sofa, may be part of your initial plan. It is important however to consider the practicality, end-use and space requirements that these additions to your office will have. Will the value they add to your office fitout outweigh the potential loss of space for other areas in your office? Work with a designer to choose a colour scheme that is warm, inviting and current. Darker colours will make your office seem smaller, while choosing a lighter colour scheme will open up your office visually. Whether you’re looking for small office fitout ideas or working with a larger office space, finding the right colour scheme has shown to improve team morale and increase productivity.  


Throughout the office fitout ensure that your technology department is involved. Your I.T specialists are in the best position to advise on what they require now, and what they might require in the future. Work with your office fitout project manager to discretely conceal cabling to enhance the tranquility and flow of your office space. Where cables can’t be concealed in the ceilings and walls, consider using artwork or greenery to liven up the office space.

Furniture and Ergonomics

Choosing the right furniture for your office fitout when there are literally thousands of options available can be a difficult task. Choose furniture that is sustainable, it should be functional but also sturdy enough to withstand daily use. The right furniture should feel right in your space, not too big, not too small. Have your furniture match your colour scheme for a more seamless flow throughout your office. Have your team members test out different options to see which pieces are the most ergonomic. The right office chair should ensure that your team members can work comfortably at their desk with little to no discomfort. Choose furniture that will work to minimise noise pollution as this will decrease stress and discomfort on your employees.

Look to the Future

When planning office fitout ideas it’s important to consider not only your business needs today, but what they may be, one, five, ten years into the future. Is it likely that your business will take on new team members in the near future? Will your business take on new projects that will require a more flexible working space? Future-proofing your office now could save your business precious time and money down the line.

Brand Awareness

Incorporate your brand into your office fitout ideas. Just as much as your website is your online presence, your office should communicate and display your brand to any potential customer who visits. Work with colour and signage to have your brand at the forefront of your office space. Consider the small details, while these may not be easily noticeable, they will work towards creating the feel of your brand, not only for your employees but also for your customers.

Environmental Sustainability

Consider the environmental impact of your office space. Consumers are becoming more and more environmental conscious. Businesses who work with environmental sustainability in mind are often rewarded with customer loyalty and appreciation. Work with natural light where possible to reduce your electricity consumption, consider cloud-based documentation where possible to avoid lengthy queues at the printing station and choose furniture that is functional and can stand the rigours of daily use to avoid early replacements.

Small Office Fitout Ideas

When space is not a luxury there are some great small office fitout ideas and tips you can use to maximise the space you have.

  • Avoid bulky furniture – choose furniture that has a high functionality to space ratio.
  • Flexibility is key – Be flexible with your space, consider furniture that folds and moves so that you can recreate your office space to suit your organisational requirements.
  • Light – Utilise natural light where possible. Avoid free standing lights and opt for overhead lighting that takes little to no physical space.
  • Reduce your reliance on paper – Less paper means fewer filing cabinets reducing overall storage space.
  • Consider open-plan designs – Work with open plan designs to reduce cubicles and walls. This will improve the over feel and size of the office.
  • Go up – When floor space is limited, consider using vertical space for storage where possible.
  • Encourage decluttering – Especially important with smaller offices, encourage a weekly office cleaning by shredding unnecessary paperwork and having an effective filing system for paperwork that is important.

Want to find out more about top office fitout ideas and tips for your next office fitout project. Contact us to speak to a fit out project managertoday to find out how good office fitout ideas can improve workflow and motivate your team on a daily basis.