The Importance of Recruiting the Right Staff

The Importance of Recruiting the Right Staff

What makes a business truly great is not a product, a process, or a service, it’s the individuals and the teams that comprise a business’ human capital. From the visionaries that come up with the products, the compliance officers that ensure every step is completed according to plan, the marketers who showcase products to the world, and the leaders who inspire each and every team member to achieve their full potential; Every member of a team plays a vital role in a business’ success story. As a business owner, the importance of recruiting the right staff can often be the difference between a successful and recognised business and one that is easily forgotten.

In this week’s featured blog, we delve into why placing the right person on the right job is as important as ever in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Continue reading for more.

Importance of Recruiting the Right Staff – 5 Reasons Why

Maximise Productivity

Have you ever wondered if a right person for the right job determines work performance? Finding a new team member that is not only qualified for the position but is also inspired to actively work towards your business’ vision can be the difference between a productive employee and having to start the hiring process over in a few months. An inspired team is one that goes the extra mile for your business.

Boost Team Morale

Every business is made of up individuals that work together to achieve a business’ vision. A good new hire should not only fit well with your current team dynamic but also bring new skills, and inspiration to your team and business as well. Hiring an employee that doesn’t gel well with your current team or has a bad attitude, could negatively affect team morale and overall productivity.

Preserve Your Company Image

Businesses spend years carefully building their image to their employees, customers, and stakeholders. Having the right team to preserve your business image is just as important as having a productive team. An employee that is not fully committed to a company’s vision, speaks poorly of your business, or is quick to leave an organisation, can reflect poorly on you as an employer.  

Reduce the Costs of Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring a new employee can be expensive! Studies have shown that the cost of hiring a new team member can be more than $15,000. With every new hire, managers take time out of their busy schedules to interview new applicants, and trainers can spend up to a year of their time to bring new employees up to speed. Finding the right team member, the first time round can save your business financially and on time.

Protect Key Business Knowledge

In today’s technological business environment, employees are given access to an abundance of confidential company data that is vital for the operational stability of an organisation. Businesses need to be able to trust that every employee will do the right thing. While it is easy enough for an IT team to revoke access to user accounts, it is much harder to protect any confidential information gained through the course of every day work. Finding the right employee that you can trust plays a key part in the importance of recruiting the right staff.

Placing the Right Person on the Right Job – The How?

A right person for the right job determines work performance.

Placing the right person on the right job can be a gratifying experience for any business and it often starts well before the interview process. Here at Future fitouts, we use a 4-step process that has helped us find our talented and dedicated team members.

  1. Determine the characteristics that make the role successful.
  2. Develop a job description that accurately reflects the role.
  3. Evaluate candidates against your determined characteristics.
  4. Take your interview process a step further.

Let’s look at each step in a little more detail.

Determine the Characteristics that Make the Role Successful

When you start the hiring process it’s critical that you take some time to accurately profile the necessary attributes that will most likely allow a candidate to succeed in the position. In the fitout industry, it’s important to have an eye for detail, be proactive, quick thinking, and have strong problem-solving skills. With a focus on attention to detail and timely project turnover, our team needs to be able to solve problems before and as they arise, as well as ensure that every detail exceeds our client’s expectations. After you’ve determined the position’s characteristics, you’re ready to move to the next step.

Develop a Job Description that Accurately Reflects the Role

Developing and having the right job description that accurately reflects your role can help attract higher-quality candidates that will be the right fit for your role. Start by mapping out specific metrics such as compensation, qualifications, job details, and career development opportunities. At this stage, it’s important that your job descriptions are focused on the key characteristics that you developed for the best chances of finding the right candidate.

Once you’ve developed your ideal job descriptions, you’re ready to advertise your position. Allocate a higher proportion of your recruitment budget to sources that have proven successful to you in the past for best results and avoid any non-reputable methods.   

Evaluate Candidates Against Your Determined Characteristics

Once you’ve got a pool of applicants to work with, evaluate each applicant against the determined characteristics you defined for your role. Throughout the interview process it can be easy to get distracted with individual personalities and while personality is an important metric to gel with team morale; By creating a set of standardised questions that can be asked over the phone, you as the interviewer may find it much easier to assess whether each potential candidate has the right skills and attributes to be successful in the position.   

Take Your Interview Process A Step Further

With the pool of candidates narrowed down, it’s time for an in-person interview. At this final stage of the initial hiring process, taking your interview process a step past the initial interview in the boardroom can further help in determining if a candidate is right for the role. Instead provide a tour of your business, introduce some staff members, or take the candidate out for coffee or lunch. By seeing how the potential candidate reacts in more natural situations, you’ll have a better understanding of how likely they will fit within your organisation.

While there is no certainty in the hiring process, as a business the importance of recruiting the right staff can make all the difference in how successful a business is and where it’s heading in the future.

Interested in learning more about the importance of recruiting the right staff or would like to know how the right work environment can boost your employee morale and productivity? Get in touch with our team at Future Fitouts today. We specialise in commercial and office fitouts, and our team is dedicated to creating spaces that people love and want to work in. Call us today for all your fitout needs.