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Luxury Modern Office Design Ideas

The way commercial offices look and operate have changed incredibly, along with the overall attentiveness to employees’ well-being, productivity, and work culture. This is a result of many studies that focus on the work/life balance of staff. Interior designers have taken what we’ve always known as the standard office layout, and turned it into something innovative, forward thinking, and proactive. Luxury modern office design ideas are changing the game more than we realise, and there’s a new wave of design pushing into the commercial space like we’ve never seen before.

Gone are the days of rows of cubicles as we welcome open plan, urban-esque and nature incorporated work zones. Natural lighting, collaborative workspaces and greenery have become an imperative aspect of the commercial office. In this blog, we’ll be listing off some luxury modern office design ideas that YOU can incorporate into your next office transformation.

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Luxury Office Design Ideas

Rich and Poignant Feature Wall

When you think of luxury office ideas, you may not think of changing up the walls around the office until you’re well and truly into the transformation process. Consider warming up your office space and adding a touch of luxe with a stunning feature wall installed in the main workspace. Not only does this add depth to your office but bringing colour or patterns into a space that people are spending most of their days in, will not only lift their mood, but bring warmth, interest, and a touch of charm and brand awareness.

Life Sized Terrarium

Revolving your office fitout around natural light may become an imperative aspect to your new space. Think of an indoor terrarium with seating around it, where employees and visitors can sit for meetings, lunch, catchups, or simply to take a break from their computer screens.  For something less bold, but still beautiful, you could incorporate a stunning garden inside the office but along a panoramic window. Not only does this allow for complete natural light filtration, but it enhances the enrichment of mother nature. When it comes to greenery and luxury office ideas, try to think outside of the box!

Elevate with Touches of Art

If you’re unsure what to do with your office walls, you could always incorporate beautiful prints or paintings that complement the colour scheme throughout the space. If your office is leaning more towards minimalistic, some earthy abstract canvases will tie everything together, and bring some warmth to the walls around your employees. To add some colour, you could hang funky images and prints to bring a little fun to your space.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

If your office is situated in an old warehouse building and you’re wanting to make a statement out of the beautiful floor to ceiling windows, consider repainting the walls and adding some natural venetians to let the light flow effortlessly. This is a beautiful way to elevate your space and bring a touch of luxury where it wasn’t before. With some soft toned paint or a sleek white, it’s going to completely open the area and enhance the energy within your new luxury modern office design.

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