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Best Hotel Lobby Design Principles

As the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your hotel, your lobby should provide guests with a sense of wonder while clearly communicating your unique style. More than just an entrance, your lobby is where guests pass through all day as they enter and leave your establishment at will. 

This makes hotel lobby design important, as guests should be excited by their surroundings each time they pass through the area. Whether it is the tasteful design of the room or the services available, the best lobbies make guests never want to leave their hotel.

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The Best Hotel Lobby Design Ideas

In-House Café

We all love a good coffee, and an exciting part about traveling is exploring all the local cafes at your destination of choice. Having your own in-house café within your hotel lobby is a great way to wow your guests as they head out on an adventure or are bustling on business and need a kick of caffeine to start their day. 

Whether it’s a small pop-up coffee cart designed beautifully to induce relaxation, or a proper sit-in café for friends and family to relax and enjoy their morning, your coffee-loving guests won’t be able to stop raving about such a hotel reception design. Pair your coffee service with some food options like muffins and toasties so your guests can experience the next best thing to breakfast in bed.

Embrace Natural Light

A key pillar of great hotel lobby design is to incorporate nature to the space. While this may be hard based on your hotel’s location, an easy way to achieve this is through casting natural light into the lobby through expansive windows. 

Floor to ceiling windows and even eye-catching skylights allow the sun to shine in through your hotel, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and visitors. This is a far cry from cold and clinical windowless lobbies that rely on dull artificial light. Showcasing the world outside is also a pleasant way for guests to start their day as they are greeted by the morning sun as well as the community.

Lounge Area

Whether guests are waiting to check in or visitors are patiently clocking time waiting for family or friends to come downstairs, those who visit your hotel often spend time congregating in the lobby for various reasons. More than just providing a chair to sit on, top hotel reception design creates a lounge area for guests to relax in. Invest in high end furniture to provide as much comfort as possible for your visitors, while decorations such as art and plants help to create a peaceful ambiance. 

Take it a step further and provide a communal bookshelf for guests to unwind with in the lobby, absorbed in a new tale as they watch their fellow travellers come and go. This relaxation hub can be built into your pre-existing lobby without the need for hefty renovations.

Open Up the Space

Hotel lobbies are often crowded places as guests attempt to check-in and check-out at the same time. This is exacerbated with large families that may have children running around the room. An easy way to account for this is to create open plan hotel lobby design that creates plenty of space around the reception desk. 

Guests are guaranteed to feel more comfortable as they receive greater personal space while the reception staff will enjoy being able to serve your visitors in a more relaxed setting. Having designated areas for seating and luggage storage also helps to create a more functional and inviting atmosphere.

Incorporate Technology

With technology such a major part of modern society, most guests will bring more than a few devices along as they travel. Whether it is their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they are going to need somewhere to charge these devices. Featuring charging stations throughout your lobby is an easy way to keep guests satisfied, while encouraging them to relax and socialise in your public areas. 

To this end, reliable Wi-Fi is an essential feature of modern hotel reception design and one that your guests will expect you to provide. Take this technology focus a step further by featuring wall-mounted TVs throughout the reception area that showcase local events for your guests to engage in during their stay.

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