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When your business moves into a new building, all kinds of changes and renovations are made to turn the space into your own. However, when your lease is up, most businesses are obligated to return the premises to its original state or as specified in the lease agreement. With years of experience performing make good and defits for a range of different clients and property types, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Future Fitouts can take care of this hassle for you. Whatever changes need to be made to the premises before you move out, we will handle it.

“Future Fitouts will deliver a perfect make good or de fit that will meet your landlord’s expectations and lease obligations.”

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Office Make Goods & Defits with Future Fitouts

Future Fitouts has performed countless number of make good and defits across Brisbane ensuring our clients meet any lease agreements.

The works involved in a make good and de fit will depend on the requirements stipulated in your lease agreement with the landlord. Generally, the lease will ask for the premises to be put back to the condition at the time the lease was signed, prior to any fitout works being carried out.

Future Fitouts is happy to review your lease for the make good requirements and provide a quote for the services.

Some examples of work that may be required as part of a make good or defit include:

Strip-out joinery and bulkheads

Bulkheads may be installed onto a ceiling to add an extra design feature and may need to be removed at the end of a lease.  In addition, any built-in joinery items that were added after the lease was signed will also need to be stripped out and removed.

Remove walls, partitions, doors, and windows

Any doors, windows and office partitions that have been added into your commercial space will have to be removed during the de fit, with the walls / windows patched and plastered to bring it back to the original condition.

Removal of decals / frosting

Window decals or glass frosting applied to the base building (i.e. main entrance door) will need to be removed as part of any makegoods. Future Fitouts will ensure the decals are removed carefully and the surface is left clean and clear.

Uplift and removal of floor coverings

If any carpet or vinyl has been laid in your premises, it will need to be removed as part of your office make goods, this also includes removal of any glues / adhesives that were applied at the time of laying the floor coverings.

Make good and de fits reception space with doors

Removal, decommission and light fittings

During a fitout, lights may have been reconfigured to suit the space with additional rooms/walls etc., at the end of a lease these light fittings may be required to be reconfigured again to suit an ‘open plan’ layout. In addition, any lights including feature lights or overhanging pendant lights will need to be decommissioned and removed as part of an office defit.

Repaint walls / ceilings

If any of your walls throughout the fitout were painted, the landlord may request that walls are returned to the original colour scheme or painted a neutral colour. Future Fitouts can colour-match and repaint any walls and ceilings, as necessary for any defits.

Dismantle any fixtures and fittings

Any items that have been fixed to your premises will be removed as part of the de fit services. Future Fitouts will patch any holes in the wall and paint to ensure a seamless finish.

Repair walls, plaster and touch-up paints

With the continual day-to-day use of your space, it is common to find scuffs, marks or other types of damage on walls during your occupation. We will identify any areas that require repair and will repair, plaster and touch-up the paintwork.

make good and de fit space with pendant lights

Decommission services

Services, such as air-conditioning, may have been reconfigured during the fitout to suit the layout of your space. However, once the lease is finished, there is often a requirement to decommission services and make good or reconfigure back to an open plan layout – ready for the next tenant to move in.

Final Clean

Future Fitouts will remove all rubbish and debris as part of the office defit and will ensure a final clean is carried out – meeting all lease obligations for the final inspection.


It’s refreshing to work with businesses that have a hassle free policy and the ability to deliver on time. Citipointe would like to extend our gratitude for the work you undertook and look forward to further our relationship through future work.

Steve Mifsud, Citipointe Church

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