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Hotel Lobby Area | Featured image for Future Fitout’s Hotel Refurbishments page.
Hotel Lobby | Featured image for Future Fitout’s Hotel Refurbishments page.
Hotel Exposed Staircase | Featured image for Future Fitout’s Hotel Refurbishments page.
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At Future Fitouts, we put our focus towards luxurious and efficient hotel refurbishments, ensuring a comfortable and statement space has been created not only with your ideas in mind, but with the consideration of your patrons at the forefront. Functionality is imperative, but so is standard and reputation, which is why we work closely with you to bring your new hotel space to life.

We have worked with a number of big names within the industry to bring together prestigious hotel fitout projects, while completing project management duties from start to finish to ensure a seamless and professional refurbishment.

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Future Fitouts proudly offers hotel refurbishments to help you efficiently bring your luxurious hotel dreams to life. Ensuring you and your guests feel at home every day.

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Hotel Fitouts & Refurbishments

There are a number of reasons as to why you should choose Future Fitouts if you’re interested in refurbishing a hotel. Boasting a number of years within the fitout industry collectively, we know exactly what it takes to drive and deliver exceptional outcomes. We also know what is expected from a clients perspective, and endeavour to provide unmatched customer service from start to finish.

Cost Effective

Yes, we love to deliver hotel fitout solutions that you won’t experience anywhere else, but what makes us different is that we go into it with the intention of providing a cost effective service with industry leading results. Wanting to refresh and update a space may seem like a major task, and the planning might feel like it’s going to break the bank, but with a little strategy, experience, and understanding, you could save yourself a lot of money. Our hotel refurbishments can be undertaken across specific stages or can be done afterhours to minimise and ensure reduced disruptions to day-to-day operations.

Hotel Staircase | Featured image for Future Fitout’s Hotel Refurbishments page.

A Team That Cares

We built a business within the fitout and refurbishment industry because our passion lies with creating, designing, and bringing together our clients visions. We don’t just care about getting a job done the right way, we also care about how you feel once the final product has been unveiled. Working closely with our clients is paramount to our services, as it ensures we’re implementing integral parts of what you want and need into the refurbishment project.

Hotel Cafe Area 2 | Featured image for Future Fitout’s Hotel Refurbishments page.

Maximise Your Space

Spaces that haven’t been given some TLC in a long while will not realise that there is an abundance of unused space. Something we love to do at Future Fitouts is find ways to maximise the current project zone and start implementing smart storage and functionality solutions, ensuring you and your patrons are getting the most out of where they are spending their time once your hotel fitouts are complete.

Hotel Sitting Area | Featured image for Future Fitout’s Hotel Refurbishments page.

Environmentally Friendly

We take pride in being a company that puts environmental sustainability at the forefront of our operations. When bringing together fitouts and refurbishments, we take into consideration that we are making a mark and do our best to make sure there are no or at least reduced environmental impacts. If a sustainable hotel refurbishment is important to you and your team, let us know, so that we can start sourcing carbon neutral and renewable materials when the time comes to engage our experienced team.

Hotel Cafe Area | Featured image for Future Fitout’s Hotel Refurbishments page.

Some of our hotel refurbishment services include:

Hotel Refurbishments Are Exciting!

Let us help us you transform your space!

How Future Fitouts Can Help You

Whether you are wanting to embark on a hotel refurbishment, or if you require more from our services, we offer the complete office design and fitout package to suit your needs to satisfy you before, during and after the fitout process.

Take a look at our services and options below and see how we can help you!

We Cover Everything

The range of hotel refurbishment services we provide is extensive and we proactively find ways to deliver fitouts to meet your needs.

We manage and coordinate all licensed trade contractors throughout the whole hotel refurbishment process, saving you the time and stress and guaranteeing the works are performed in accordance with building standards and scheduled appropriately in order to deliver your fitout on time.

Experience our excellence in communication, service and delivery first hand when you take advantage of our below services on offer:

Allow us to take the stress away and manage your project!

Leave the project management of your hotel refurbishment with us and you can decide how much or little involvement you would like. Future Fitouts is experienced with trade coordination, timing and scheduling of works to ensure your refurbishment is delivered to YOUR timeframe and budget. Allow us to take the stress out of your project.

Not sure where to start? We offer a hotel interior design service.

Working with you to design your hotel exactly to your requirements. An initial concept design is provided (if required) or we can provide professional interior design advice and drawings if you want that extra ‘wow’ factor. The design or space planning allows you to see exactly what will fit in the space. Future Fitouts ensure all design and construction works meet buildings codes and standards.

Bespoke hotel layouts.

Looking for a ‘wow’ factor or something unique in your hotel? Future Fitouts are willing to work with you to design and construct a showcase hotel. Allow us to provide you with some ideas or work with the ideas you have in mind!

Does your hotel need partitions to divide your premises or create extra rooms?

We can provide all partition types including plasterboard, glass partitions, half height plasterboard/glass or furniture screens, depending on your needs and budget.

Glass boardrooms, offices or meeting areas are increasingly common.

Allow natural light throughout the tenancy and a feeling of bigger space with glazing options. Frosting can be applied to the glazing for privacy or personalise the frosted film to showcase name and logo across the glass.

Ceilings are an essential but often a forgotten element in fitouts.

Plasterboard or ceiling tiles are very common in the back of house work areas but more and more clients are seeking ‘feature ceilings’ in the foyer / reception and in other rooms to provide a unique and impressive wow factor.

Have you considered the type of doors you need in your hotel?

Swing doors, sliding doors, two-way open doors, feature doors, sound-proof, solid timber painted doors or glass doors? There are a number of options to consider and we are happy to recommend the best for your space.

Carpets, tiles, vinyls, timbers or polished concrete… what to chose?

Future Fitouts can offer a selection of floor coverings including; carpets, tiles, vinyls, timbers or polished concrete to create that unique look and feel to your hotel.

A feature wall painted in your colours can give your space that little edge without a huge cost!

The paint colours you choose for your hotel should match the rest of the interior. Consider coloured doors to give your space that little edge without a huge cost. We can match existing, provide a colour consulting service or samples of colours for you to make the right decision.

Consider the signage requirements for your hotel … branding, emergency, way-finding signs or new signs on the building itself?

Future Fitouts can help you work out your requirements including; where the signs should be located, the type of material and whether the signs needs to be illuminated or not. We can also provide custom vinyls, decals or digital printed graphics to enhance your new facility.

Discuss your furniture needs with Future Fitouts…

Offering complete furniture packages including; desks, beds, workstations, chairs, lounges, tables, storages or anything you can think of. Your hotel will be furnished and ready for business with functional and stylish furniture.

Power, data, lighting, cabling, emergency lights…

All electrical works in hotel fitouts needs to be performed by a licensed and experienced electrician. If needed, Future Fitouts can work with you to determine the types of lights, number of powerpoints, whether the cables are hidden and ensuring sufficient data cables are installed for your future growth.

Works need to be performed by a licenced and commercial experienced plumber.

New kitchen or bathroom works require a licenced plumber to attend the fitout at numerous stages throughout the construction. From the disconnections at the beginnings to installing new pipework and fitting off all new fixtures and fittings.

Generally this component is not considered by many clients when budgeting a hotel refurbishment…

Any alternations that are made to existing floor plans (i.e. new rooms) may require changes to the mechanical services to ensure the air-conditioning reaches all areas of the building at a consistent temperature. Future Fitouts will ensure this is carried out appropriately by managing your hotel refurbishment.

Similar to mechanical service, this is a mandatory requirement for all buildings under the Building Standards.

Fire exits, sprinkler systems, spit fires and fire reels or extinguishers need to be installed. Future Fitouts will guarantee these services are installed correctly and meet sign-off provided by a private certifier.

Ensuring your phones and internet cables are working prior to move in day.

We can assist in ensuring those phone and internet lines are hooked up and working correctly before you occupy your refurbished hotel. We will handle all telecommunication requirements and ensure everything is installed to code. We can also refer you to IT related consultants if required.

Offering the full hotel refurbishment design and fitout package.

Give your hotel fitout the brand new look you have planned and trust Future Fitouts to handle all aspects and deliver with efficiency and precision.

Choose Future Fitouts

At Future Fitouts, we offer complete fitout solutions across a number of sectors. From office fitouts, commercial fitouts, and industrial, to medical, government and education, our team span a number of years in the industry, meaning our knowledge and skills are unmatched. We know how important it is to work and move around an environment that’s comfortable, clean, and streamlined, and we work closely with you to ensure the end result is right on the money. Think functional, yet aesthetic – excellence is what we strive for.

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