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Maximise hidden or unused workshop floor space with industrial fitouts from the Future Fitouts team.

Future Fitouts can turn your industrial shed into a functional and practical work zone. We have extensive experience in converting both large and compact industrial warehouse space into functioning work environments. With an industrial fit out from our dedicated team of shopfitters, you will be able to take advantage of the additional space that industrial sheds generally offer to create new offices, boardrooms or easily accessible storage areas.

“Get the functionality and impact your business deserves with a complete industrial fitout delivered by Future Fitouts.”

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Industrial Fitouts Brisbane Wide with Future Fitouts

Need more space for storage?

Expanding and need more office space?

Concerned about disruptions to your day to day operations?

At Future Fitouts, we work with you to ensure your industrial fitouts are on time and budget and can even arrange out of hours work to ensure minimal disruptions and downtime to your business. Our in-house team can provide recommendations and build-ability advice to transform your industrial space; We have the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to transform your shed into a highly efficient and productive workplace. With over 20-years in transforming workspaces across Brisbane, we strongly believe that a functional workspace results in a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone!

If your business needs a new look to boost workplace efficiency, consider an industrial fit out, from Future Fitouts – the commercial and industrial fitout experts. Contact us now by calling 1300 368 461.

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Industrial Fitout Services

Industrial fitouts can be as straightforward or as extensive as you require and are the perfect way to make use of any wasted space in your warehouse or building by:

Discuss your needs with a dedicated industrial fit out shopfitter who can walk through a site inspection and tailor a price to suit your needs and budget.

Take Advantage of That Wasted Space

Speak with the Future Fitouts team to discuss how we will maximise efficiency in your workplace with our industrial fit out solutions.

How Will Future Fitouts Help You?

At Future Fitouts we offer industrial fitout and commercial fitout services that cover everything you need for a fully completed and quality project. All licensed trade contractors are managed and coordinated by us, so there is no need to waste time or stress about the works being performed.

Industrial Fitouts Services

All licensed trade contractors are managed and coordinated by us, so there is no need to waste time or stress about the works being performed.

All industrial fitouts are delivered in accordance with building standards and are appropriately scheduled to ensure the job is completed on time.

Experience our excellence in communication, service and delivery for yourself when you take advantage of the following services we offer:

Offering a complete project management solution for all industrial fitouts, based on our unique in-house-built project management system we ensure the entire fitout process progresses smoothly. By choosing Future Fitouts for your next industrial fitout you will receive the very best results, delivered on time and budget. 

Polished concrete, carpet, vinyl or tiles, the choice is yours. Need help deciding, our in-house design team are more than happy to chat about the latest industrial design trends that you can incorporate into your next industrial fitout.

All electrical and data cabling required for industrial fitouts is carried out by experienced, qualified electricians. Our design team can assist you to determine the location and quantity of power points, the types of lights best suited to your space and run additional cables during the fitout to help anticipate future growth.

Future Fitouts engages and manages licenced plumbers to undertake all plumbing related works including initial disconnections, rough-ins and final fit-off of all fittings and fixtures throughout the entire fitout process. 

Ensuring heat and humidity are controlled in your industrial workshop through the proper installation of air conditioning is vital to well-circulated airflow. We ensure all air-conditioning vents are appropriately placed and all mechanical and air conditioning services are carried out by experienced and qualified contractors.

Want to make the most of your space and take advantage of high ceilings? Future Fitouts can construct mezzanine floors in your industrial warehouse which act as a raised platform and creates additional workspace.

Add a fresh coat of paint to quickly and easily refresh your workplace. Need help with colours? Our in-house design team keeps up with the latest in industrial design trends and can help choose colours that will integrate with your workplace environment.

All types of office spaces must meet fire safety requirements including; fire exits, spitfires, fire reels, sprinkler systems, and fire signage. We ensure all fire engineering services are performed to building standards and are signed off by an external private certifier.

We are always thinking of ways to add that extra ‘wow’ factor to your workplace to give it a point of difference. Incorporate some ‘wow’ into your space with Future Fitouts.

Our carpenters and plasterers are experienced and qualified to complete all carpentry and plastering works that are required in your industrial fitout. 

Do you have high ceilings and want extra space? Internal staircases leading up to mezzanine floors can be included as part of your industrial fitouts to create an entire new upper-level office or workspace. 

Modernise your workplace with some new furniture! At Future Fitouts we can arrange all types of office furniture to be supplied and delivered.

We help you maximise your existing space to enhance the overall functionality of your industrial area while ensuring all construction works meet building codes and standards.

All industrial workshops Brisbane wide deserve an industrial fit out that is:

This is why Future Fitouts provides a complete industrial fitout package for every space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an industrial fitout?

An industrial fitout is a process whereby a space is designed and constructed to accommodate the specific needs of a business. This may involve anything from partitioning walls to installing new plumbing or electrical systems. These kinds of fitouts are common in workshops, factories and warehouses. The end goal is always to create a functional, efficient and comfortable workspace that satisfies all the necessary working needs, as well as meeting health and safety standards. When we perform an industrial fit out, we aim to help you to increase efficiency and overall output, all while making the industrial space a good place for employees to work.

How long does it take to complete an industrial fitout?

The answer to this question depends on the size and complexity of the project. Generally speaking, an industrial fit out can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete. Of course, the actual time frame will vary depending on the specific details of the project. Get in touch with the team at Future Fitouts to discuss the specifics of your fitout needs and we’ll provide you with a more accurate timeframe.

What can I expect from an industrial fitout?

A typical industrial fit out project will involve the following steps:

  1. Initial consultation – This is where we meet with the client to discuss their specific needs and requirements.
  2. Space planning – Once the client’s needs have been assessed, a space plan will be drawn up showing how the new layout will work.
  3. Design and approvals – The next step is to design the new space, taking into account things like lighting, ventilation and acoustics. Once the design has been finalised, it will need to be approved by the relevant authorities.
  4. Construction – This is where the actual work of constructing the new space takes place.
  5. Completion and handover – Once the construction work is finished, the space will be handed over to the client who can then start using it for their business.

A fitout for an industrial setting can be a complex project, so it is important to start on it right away. If you are considering a fitout for your workshop, factory or warehouse, contact Future Fitouts today to take your first steps.

How much will an industrial fit out cost?

Every business is different, so all fitouts are unique and we will need to know more details about your specific fitout needs to provide you with a price estimate. You can call us at 1300 368 461, or get in touch by using our online contact form for an inspection and quote. We’ll work with you to provide you with a reasonable and fair price estimate for the work needed to complete your fitout. For an industrial fitout Brisbane business owners turn to Future Fitouts, so you can depend on us to do it right.

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