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Exploring the Best Olympic Villages Over the Years

Known for its positive impact on communities and economies right across the globe, the Olympic Games are coming to Brisbane. In the lead up, we decided what better way to get involved in the conversation than to look back at some of the best Olympic villages in the world, from Canada to China, Greece and Japan, stadiums and villages have taken the world of architecture, construction, and design to completely new heights. From completely modular and transportable villages to sustainability and green incorporations, we unpack some of the most beautiful villages across the world, athlete favourites, and what these villages look like today.

The Best Olympic Village Design Layouts

Vancouver Olympics Village – 2010

Known for being one of the best Olympic villages, the Vancouver Village is noted as one of the greenest communities in the world, making the city a leader in sustainability. This village in particular was built to house 1,100 residential units, with solar heating inclusive and green roofs. Another aspect that makes this village stand out in particular is its design to be utilised as residential housing for families and young professionals. Conveniently, it was placed only 2 minutes away from the Central Vancouver Canada line, assisting residents and athletes at the time.

Sydney Olympics Village – 2000

Regarded as one of the most successful Olympic games organised, the village for these games were designed with a modular approach, allowing for the accommodation to be relocated and used elsewhere after the games completed. Approximately 2,000 buildings were constructed, growing one of the largest solar-powered suburbs in the world (during its time). The Sydney village comprised of two villages: the athletes’ village and the Lidcombe Media village. Once the games came to an end, these buildings were relocated, repurposed, and are now used as accommodation for tourists, or those from mining families.

Tokyo Athletes Village – 2021

In Tokyo, careful consideration was taken in the Olympic village design – consisting of 21 buildings that were to hold about 18,000 athletes during its time. The village itself consisted of a plaza that was designed utilising wood, providing athletes with a hub for cafes, banks, ATMs, healthcare facilities and even isolation wards (paramount for such a time in 2021) and other convenience necessities during their stay. A notable feature of the Tokyo Athletes Village is the ability for it to be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere if needed.

Paris Olympics Village – 2024

Within the Paris Olympics Village there will be three distinct zones created for the game, international, residential, and operational – providing each primary fundamental with its own area of use during the duration of the 2024 event. Beautifully, the international zone unfolds along the Siene, providing a stunning view for athletes, while the residential space is positioned very strategically around the Cite de Cinema. For the operational space, it has been designed to facilitate connectivity with major road networks. The concept behind the design of the 2024 Paris Olympics Village is to ensure athletes and those staying within the village can make it to the playing zones in a travel time of 30 minutes or less from accommodation. With its beautifully modern design, we are excited to see the Paris Olympic village design in action.

Beijing Olympics Village – 2008

Yet another of the best Olympic villages, Beijing’s Olympics Village is one of the favoured accommodation facilities when it comes to the games. 42 building were constructed and spread across 66 hectares of land, providing 9000 rooms for athletes. Much like the Tokyo village, Beijing’s is home to medical centres, games arcades, supermarkets and so on – prioritising comfortability for those staying at the village. Noting sustainable approaches that we saw in Vancouver, Beijing used geothermal energy and solar panels. After the games, the apartments were sold as high-end residential abodes.

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