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Classroom Interior Design Ideas for Healthy Learning

We spend a good part of our early lives in school which makes the function of classroom interior design important. At Future Fitouts we would like to share our classroom interior design ideas with you. Developing spaces that help make and foster positive change is vital to how the rooms in schools work. A pleasant stimulating room should be lit with natural light and have high curvilinear ceilings which can decrease stress and help focus attention of young minds. Comfort matters and the easier it is for students to get comfortable, the quicker they can start learning.

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Classroom Interior Design Ideas

Colours and texture

Colour and texture should be factored in when considering your classroom design. They add warmth and liveliness. School colours are a common place to start, and they help tie spaces together. Colours also help set clear visual boundaries and aid in getting from place to place. They also help create mood and ambiance.

Creating comfort

We mentioned comfort in our opening but it’s worth repeating here. Getting students comfortable is critical to getting them to learn and is thus one of the key classroom interior design ideas that needs to be carefully planned and implemented. The hard bottomed wooden chair and desk combination of yesteryear can certainly be improved upon. Channelling focus on comfortable learning will help students get more out of a class time. A well-designed comfortable classroom takes into account such ideas as lighting, furniture, flooring, acoustics and temperature.

Adjustability and movability

Classrooms should be designed for working together and maximising creativity. Having furniture that can be easily moved around and reconfigured helps students and teachers alike. Tables should be able to accommodate small or large groups while also allowing students to get from one spot to another seamlessly.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is important and has an impact on learning. A space optimising natural light helps students learn better and can even have a positive influence on their health. By contrast a dim or dark environment is less inviting and encourages sleep.

Decentralising the classroom

The contemporary classroom has moved away from the teacher being permanently fixed to the front of the classroom. Modern classroom interior design ideas incorporate student-focused elements. The teacher should have the option to be mobile, not stuck behind a desk and the classroom should help capture and keep the students’ attention.


Zoning critically considers what the space will be used for. It’s like having specialised dedicated areas in your school and classroom. A classroom can have spaces reserved for brainstorming, project creation, or simply working on lessons. Schools can have spaces for noisier and quieter work or spaces for collaborative work. The zones can be optimised to work best with each other and maximise efficiency.

Kindergarten Classroom Interior Design

The learning that takes place when we are young learners is arguably the most important. Following principles behind kindergarten classroom interior design is an important consideration to factor into your school design choices.


The most important kindergarten classroom interior design principle is safety. The classroom should be safe and children should be able to freely explore it free of safety issues. A safe classroom includes items such as: door finger protection, soft edged tables, first-aid kits, and foam mats.

Open structure layout

An open structure layout does away with walls and uses open-planning principles. Partitions and walls are moveable. The furniture is soft and includes sofas and cushions. Noise-reducing materials are used.


Include a variety of forms, textures, and shapes as it stimulates exploration and learning. Contrasts help form children’s’ experimentation skills and motor abilities through interacting with their environment. Having different depths, textures, and sizes is key to kindergarten classroom interior design principles.

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