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How to Achieve a Sleek and Classy Office Look

Every business should strive to be extraordinary inside and out – both in how it operates and how it looks. To get this balance right, more and more companies these days try their best to achieve a sleek and classy office look..

By perfecting a corporate and elegant look, it helps to portray your company as a high-end, authoritative and competent player in the marketplace. If your business wants to reach new heights, getting this look right can put forward a more powerful and positive image for your company to both employees and clients.

In this article, we’ve come up with a few ideas on how you can pull off this much-desired look.


When a classy office look is your goal, steer clear of bold and glaring colours. Instead, stick with a neutral colour scheme – it will always impress. Shades of white, grey and black used in the right ways can evoke a strong corporate look.

For example, by simply adding black paint to the walls of a room, the space can instantly portray an impression of power and authority, making black a great option for boardrooms or a manager’s office.

Nice office with transparent windows

Stainless Steel & Glass

Nothing screams modern and timeless more than the combination of stainless steel and glass. These days stainless steel is seen in many modern offices, whether it be in railings, stairwells office desks or signage. Stainless steel has so much potential and its impact is lifted even higher when paired with glass.

For example, glass could be incorporated into your stairwell design, glass doors could be installed with stainless steel handles, or glass surfaces could be paired with a stainless-steel frame to create a sleek office desk or coffee table.

Glass is also a great option for privacy walls to subtly divide each office space while also delivering a more open work-space.

High-End Materials

Adding a bit of luxury can go a long way to creating the classy office look you’re after. That may include leather chairs, marble floors and bench tops or rich timber furniture pieces.

But it doesn’t have to cost the earth to pull off this look.

You can instead purchase materials that offer the look of marble, leather or high-end wood at a fraction of the price. Many lino products can imitate any flooring pattern or texture. You could also consider faux leather products or opt for poly-carbonate instead of glass.

Alternatively, you could invest in one more expensive focal piece to show off your status in a key area of your office that will be seen and utilised by clients.

Office space with leather furniture

Sharp Lines

When you think of ‘sleek’, the first thing that often comes to mind is sharp lines. This is a very prominent characteristic for contemporary style.

Your office furniture should feature clean lines and include minimal decorations to deliver a look that’s clean and futuristic. Stick with straight lines and flat edges throughout your décor and stay away from furniture with curved edges to keep the look consistent.

Modern Technology

Achieving a modern office that looks sleek and ‘now’ is about more than just the workplace interiors – your new look office should be further accentuated with the latest technology.

Nothing detracts from a sophisticated office more than outdated technology.

Having the latest high-tech pieces of equipment will give the impression that your business is up-to-date with the times and is well-equipped to meet the needs of your business into the future.

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Updated 18/03/2023