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How to Make Good at the End of Your Lease

Making good is when tenants of commercial properties are required to leave the property in a specific manner on a clause or lease contract. This is mandatory when the lease comes to the agreed end date or by earlier termination. Once this is done, the tenant can hand back the keys.

To have a clear idea of what is required of your lease, make sure you refer to your contract. Some leases may allow you to return the property on an ‘as in’ basis, however, the lease is generally required when you return the space in its original working condition with a return to an open floor plan. Let’s look deeper at how to make good with the end of the lease.

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How to make good with your lease

The first thing you’ll want to do when making good on a lease is to visually compare the property from when you first moved into what it currently looks like. This can help you assess how much has changed, especially if you’ve had the lease for years. Generally, offices are fitout to the personality of the brand and business leasing the space, so when you leave the office, be sure to look out for the following.

Repair damage

Over time, and with daily use, damage may occur throughout a commercial space. This can be anything from a broken light fixture to a hole in the door or stains on carpets or tiles. If there is damage left unrepaired, a landlord may require a cash settlement as the property has technically not been returned in its original form. Avoid this by hiring a fitout company to ensure the office or other commercial space meets all the requirements of a make good clause.

Remove furniture and signs

With any rental agreement, the furniture in the room must be reclaimed by the leaser. This means couches, lunch tables, desks, and signs. Oftentimes, businesses and brands will proudly display their logo on the wall. However, you’ll need to take these with you on your way out.

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Repaint walls and ceilings

Over the years, walls and ceilings will receive marks and scuffs across them. To make good on a lease, ensure you have these walls and ceilings painted fresh by a professional team. This will not only begin to make the office look as good as new but save you from sacrificing a part of your bond.

Remove installed walls

When a leaser is asked to make good, this even means removing walls from the commercial space to allow for an original open floor plan. This includes partitions, doors and any newly installed windows. Offices first leased out usually come in an open floor plan and the leaser then divides the office, perhaps partitioning the space with glass walls and adding doors. This is often the case when there are employees in higher positions, such as the managing director, where they have a private office to take meetings in.

Remove decals and frosting

Decals and frosting applied to windows or glass walls will need to be removed if you’re looking to how to make good on an end-of-lease. This may be a detail that’s easily overlooked, but it is necessary to remove it and make sure you make good on your lease.

The fitout company Brisbane trusts

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