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Maximising Office Space: Make Your Small Office Look and Feel Bigger

If you’re not clever with style and design, maximising office space can seem to be daunting task. A small office, especially, can feel poky and claustrophobic to work in, stifle productivity and give off a poor first impression – but that’s only if the space is poorly utilised and hasn’t been optimised to its fullest potential.

You can work miracles on even the tiniest cramped space to make it feel spacious and welcoming. 

At Future Fitouts, we always aim to make the most of any space we have to work with, and we want to share our most valuable tips with you.

Clutter Free

Having too much ‘stuff’ can make any room look and feel cluttered, but the problem is exacerbated further when confined to a small space. A good first step to maximising office space is to free yourself from stuff and try to relieve your office of excess as much as possible.

Whether you throw away anything you don’t need or store it away in a place where it can no longer be seen, you’ll be surprised to see what a big difference such a small task can make to help open up space in any room.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Technology is supposed to make our lives simpler, but all the cords and wires that come along with it can make an office look untidy. Consider implementing wireless mouses, keyboards and headsets on office desks instead to minimise this. The eyesore of tangled cords will be gone, and extra space can be reclaimed.

You can also reduce the amount of physical paperwork and files on your desk by storing your vital information digitally in storage drives, servers or on the cloud.

Logical Layout

When furniture is laid out in an office logically, it will instantly feel like an easier and more comfortable environment to work in. Some simple layout rules for maximising office space include:

  • Ensuring furniture isn’t blocking the natural flow path in major office thoroughfares.
  • Making sure the reception desk is located as close as possible to the front entrance.
  • Avoiding dead space and providing enough room between and around office desks and cubicles, so staff don’t feel cramped.
  • Placing regular use office equipment such as printers, scanners and stationery cupboards in a space that’s easily accessible from the primary working hub.

Logical Layout

Minimalistic Decoration

Bare is beautiful, especially in a small office. Minimalism can bring maximum gain to your office visually. Without lots of things around to draw a person’s eye, the amount of free room and space shines through, so even if your office is on the smaller side, this simple trick can make a space look and feel bigger than it actually is.

Use Colour to Your Advantage

Light, bright colours such as white and cream can make a room look and feel bigger instantly. For floors, darker colours are best because they make the floors look as if they are extending further – creating the illusion of more space.

If your goal is to make a room look bigger, avoid using dark colours for your walls if possible. This will have the opposite effect.

Smart Furniture Choices

Some furniture styles can look bulkier than others despite being the same size and having similar functionality. Consider furniture made with transparent or reflective materials, thinner frames or in white or light colours to blend in with your light and bright interior walls.

And remember: less is always more. Only buy furniture you realistically need and avoid purchasing any extra piece just because you think it looks nice or your office might need it one day.

Deceive the Eye

There are a number of tricks you can implement to fool the brain into thinking the space is far bigger than it actually is. One great way to do that is to put large mirrors on the walls to create the illusion of a much larger room that’s double in size.

Putting a striped rug on the floor can also elongate a room, giving it additional length.

Maximising Office Space with Future Fitouts is Easy

At Future Fitouts, we have lots of tricks up our sleeve to transform your small Brisbane office into a vibrant space that’s welcoming and easy to work in. If you’re keen to transform your business get in touch with our office fitouts Brisbane team today! To discuss your office renovations options, call 1300 368 461 or contact us online. We are always ready to help with your next project.

Updated 18/03/2023