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Eye Catching Office Ceiling Ideas

When it comes to curating the right look for your office ceiling, you want to make sure it doesn’t hinder the overall mood of the team. This is because ceilings should ultimately reflect the overall design aesthetic of your office and create a productive environment. Fortunately, there is a multitude of office ceiling ideas available, whether you prefer something sleek and modern or a classic look.

To help, we’ve compiled some amazing ceiling ideas that can be used in any office setting. From open ceilings with decorative fixtures to bold mural walls, these comprehensive styles will give your office the perfect atmosphere.

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7 Office ceiling ideas

Wooden ceilings

One of the most innovative and sustainable office ceiling design ideas for the modern workplace is by implementing wooden panel designs. These panels can be installed in a series of ways that allow for unique, eye-catching designs, such as waves rushing through the ceiling. Another way is to combine LED lights with wooden panels to create a visually appealing and utilised space.

Exposed ceiling

If you’re after an industrial look for your office, consider exposed ceilings. For a few years now, the industrial aesthetic has been popular throughout retail spaces, hospitality, and even offices, and we can understand why. Imagine exposed brick, pipes, and exposed electrical wiring and lights throughout the ceiling. This is a very creative idea for offices and can increase productivity and creativity all around.


For a touch of personality and creativity, implement a hexagon pattern to your office space ceiling to achieve the honeycomb design. This mesmerising and unique look can be built upon different textures are implemented into the design, whether it’s through the charming look of small honeycomb patterns such as those found in some beehives or the more modern architecture appearance of larger hexagonal shapes. This office ceiling idea can make for a captivating view as well as add a touch of personality and creativity to your workspace.

Modern office with wooden floor and ceiling | Featured image for the blog Office Ceiling Ideas blog from Future Fitouts.

Integrate lighting

Modern office ceiling designs are incorporating both function and design in many ways. Innovative lighting solutions, such as recessed or suspended LED light fixtures, are becoming the popular choice for offices. These light fixtures can be recessed or suspended and are becoming the popular choice for offices as they create an atmosphere that is both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. The right type of lighting used in an office is fundamental to productivity and workplace OHS. Having dim lighting throughout the office can cause workers’ eyes to strain, while lighting that’s too bright can be blinding.

Open cell ceiling

Open workspace allows you to take advantage of the fifth wall in the room: the ceiling. In this case, we suggest taking advantage of the entire ceiling by installing an open cell ceiling. Made up of a series of open tiles to create a grid pattern, the open ceiling design is the perfect modern office design look. This open structure deftly conceals exposed ceiling wires without completely concealing them from view. By suspending the wires, the open cell ceiling offers functionality at the same time extending the office height thanks to the open gaps in the grid.

Minimally designed ceilings

We tend to agree with the saying that ‘less is more’. When there’s a lot going on in your office, the last thing you want is for the ceiling to have a bombastic design, so a minimal design for your ceiling is ideal. Of course, that doesn’t mean your ceiling will be boring or dull. One interesting minimalist design is hanging thin panels across the ceiling and threading lights through it. This won’t draw too much attention to your ceiling, but when a pair of eyes do decide to flutter upward, they won’t be disappointed.

Acoustic ceilings

One of the growing popular office ceiling design ideas is implementing acoustic ceilings in your office. As a result of superb manufacturing and engineering, acoustic ceilings help mitigate unwanted sounds, and if your office is growing, the last thing you want is an echo or voices flooding the open space. Acoustic ceilings don’t have to be boring or dull and instead can breathe life through the office with colourful designs and intricate patterns.  

Enhance the working experience with an office ceiling revamp

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