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The Best Retirement Home Layout for Resident Wellbeing

When it comes to retirement home living, our senior citizens deserve only the best care to make this difficult transition as easy as possible. Most of us have seen firsthand or heard stories about how colourless aged care facilities can be, doing little to improve the morale of those who live there. Retirement home layout can be much more than this, however, with the right designs and features capable of boosting the health and happiness of the residents.

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Our Best Tips for Assisted Living Design

It Begins with the Bedroom

All facets of your retirement home layout should be designed to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of your guests, and it all begins with the bedroom. Each bedroom should feature plenty of space to allow residents the freedom to move around and always stay comfortable. Reasonably sized windows are a great way to let natural light into the space, while adding a comfy lounge chair beside it allows residents to take in the outside world or to relax with a good book. The bed itself should be as comfortable and spacious as possible, ensuring residents always get a good night’s sleep.

Biophilic Design

Those living in retirement homes are often not able to go outside as much as they might like, which is why it is important to bring nature inside whenever possible. Decorate your space with elements such as plants, fountains, and other water features to create a calming space for your residents to relax in. Not only do these features look great but they are also therapeutic, proven to reduce stress levels, allowing your guests to find tranquillity in their new environment through assisted living design.

Encourage Social Interaction

Living in a retirement home can be an isolating experience, especially if you enjoyed an active social life in the outside world. Your residents should never have to feel alone, however, as you can promote social interaction through your retirement home layout decisions. Common areas that feature comfortable furniture and shared activities are sure to draw a crowd, allowing residents to come together and bond. Separating your common areas into smaller spaces, such as several tables and lounges throughout the room, is encouraged to help residents from becoming overwhelmed due to too many people being present.

Light & Colour

Whenever we spend a prolonged period indoors, the quality of the lighting around us can have a big say on our mood. Install lights and fixtures that brighten up the space, meaning residents are greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere whenever they enter a new room. The same goes for the colour of the interiors. Earthy tones and soft pastels are known for helping to create a soothing atmosphere. Another tip for assisted living design is to avoid using contrasting colours, as they may confuse those with cognitive impairments.

Need Help with Your Retirement Home Layout?

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