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Top Office Fitout Mistakes to Avoid

Managing all the moving parts involved in an office fitout project certainly isn’t an easy task, especially when everyone depends on you to ensure the new office not only looks excellent but is also on time and on budget.

So, to help prevent your new fitout project turning into a nightmare, we’ve listed some of the top mistakes you should avoid, to make sure your brand-new office makeover goes off without a hitch.

Going it Alone and Not Getting Professional Help

Don’t expect to cut costs by cutting corners. Although you may think you’re saving money by doing it all on your own, you actually end up leaving yourself open to expensive DIY disasters. You also risk ending up with a finished product that’s sub-par. Your business deserves better than that.

A complete commercial office fitout can get out of hand quickly, and every mistake that occurs during the fitout process comes at a price. So, it pays to have quality contractors who know what they’re doing and a professional project manager to coordinate the whole thing.

Many business owners underestimate the expertise and unique set of skills required to take on a fitout project. The person managing the fitout needs to keep a number of things in mind including health and safety, effective and attractive design, and making the best possible use of the space. That’s why it’s almost always worthwhile to take advantage of the unique insights a professional fitout project manager has to offer.


Poor Planning

Good quality office design doesn’t spring up out of thin air. A lot of work and planning goes into it to get the best results.

The planning stage helps you iron out any potential issues that may pop up throughout the office fitout process, and by planning out your office design ahead of time, you can avoid ad-hoc work that looks bad or is dysfunctional. So, if you rush through the planning stages too quickly, the fitout project may end up costing you more in the end.

Not Prioritising Layout and Design

All the rooms and furniture pieces that make up an office can’t just be placed anywhere in your new premises. Everything needs to be laid out logically so that each room is easy to get to and comfortable to work in. Essentially, the overall layout should make sense, and nothing should seem out of place. That’s why determining the layout of your office shouldn’t be overlooked.

Without effective layout and design planning in place, even large spaces can seem cluttered and inefficient. Something as simple as adding glass partitioning or painting walls in cooler colours can make the space seem larger and more welcoming. To guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and well laid out office, taking on an interior designer is always recommended.

Budget Blowout

Having a comprehensive budget in place before undertaking a fitout is a must. The budget allocated for your office fitout should include all costs involved and be advised by someone you trust, or you could risk spending more than you need to or not have enough budget to finish the job.

When coming up with your budget, allow some wiggle room to cover any unexpected problems or delays. And once your budget is set, don’t forget to keep your finances in check – it can be very easy to get carried away and lose sight of the amount of money you have available to complete the work.

There’s nothing worse than an incomplete fitout because you ran out of money. Work within your means and be realistic about what you can expect for your specified budget.

Poor Lighting

The importance of lighting shouldn’t be underestimated. Without it, your staff won’t be able to see what they’re doing. To make sure your office gets the right amount of light, artificial lighting should be distributed evenly through the office.

Although more creative lighting types and designs may look great, make sure this isn’t your only source of lighting – especially within the main working area. Bright, practical lighting should take priority in areas where people are working while more creative lighting options can be chosen for the reception and break room.

Natural light should also be taken advantage of wherever possible by effectively utilising windows to filter natural light through the office.

Failing to Consult with the Landlord

Landlords can hinder your fitout process and plans due to some set restrictions they may have in place. Make sure you take the time to read over your lease agreement carefully and consult with your landlord before undergoing the fitout to avoid any barriers to the project’s completion.

By making the landlord aware of your fitout plans ahead of time, it allows you to plan ahead so you can easily overcome any hurdles that may be present along the way.

Not Enough Power and Data Points

Imagine how frustrating it would be to realise that there’s not enough power points and data points in the office! This issue is easily preventable with appropriate planning. It’s always recommended to have at least two power points at any workstation, and you may also like to add power points to areas that are not currently being utilised but can be adapted for future use as your business grows.

Not Looking to the Future

When getting an office fitout, too many business owners fail to look to the future and see how the office space can adapt to the needs of their business.

There’s nothing worse than being locked into a lease only to realise your business has very quickly outgrown it before the lease is up. Leave room for expansion and plan ahead by making sure your office floor has space to add additional desks when more staff members come on board.

By having some foresight, you’ll stand out as a savvy business owner with a vision for the future.

Avoid Fitout Mistakes – Choose Future Fitouts

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Updated 30/11/2022